Saturday, July 5, 2008

Safety first, the fun will follow...

If you were wondering if we take care to insure Bennett's safety during fireworks, take heart...

Safety first... all the time :)  Cracks me up just looking at it.

We were so excited to be able to celebrate the 4th at Angie and Gavin's (Gigi & Bubba). We started with swimming, 

then playing with Molly, 

then the best dinner - all the foods you could imagine at a cook out.  Yum.  

Oh, and this cake. 

Wow! The fireworks rounded out a perfect day! Bennett spent the night, and when Brad & I left, Bennnett & Bubba were turning on the lights in the pool for a little swim - Bennett was so excited :)

Other highlights this week: 

- I told Bennett that if he wanted to stay up late on Wednesday night, he'd have to take a nap - and it actually worked!! For the first time in over 2 years, Bennett took a nap!! A 2 hour nap (& I did too!) A lot of fun things happened this week, but this nap could very well have been the highlight for me :)

-We were excited to go to the fireworks celebration at the Church of the Highlands. The whole experience was 'big' - the crowds were big (even the nursery line had 4 computer stations that printed out name tags and claim tickets!!), the music was amazing, the smiles were infectious, and the fireworks were awesome!  This was Bennett's first time to stay up late for fireworks, and we really did have a good time. It was so fun seeing his expression with each explosion. Here's the best effort of my photography skill:
-We cleaned out the playroom yesterday - and I mean cleaned it OUT. We filled 6 big buckets with toys to sell at the consignment sale and/or give away. I was so proud of Bennett - he really was willing to get rid of way more than I thought he would. There is no better feeling than a fresh start, you know?

Today we are just hanging out a bit. We saw Wall-E (super cute)... I hope I can scrapbook for a little while... I've gotten all organized again, and I want to get in there and create! Wish me luck :)

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