Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 41

October 7-13

One of the main goals that Angie and I set for the trip was to get some good family photos... you know that I am ALWAYS up for that! :) Here were some from the first try...
These were all taken on the morning of the 7th. We started at the beach, but it was too bright and windy. And Evie wasn't really feeling it :)
Mom did a good job with the group shot, though, don't you think??!!

After the photo op, we headed to the beach...
Evie likes the sand - as long as she doesn't have to touch it :)

I don't think that we've ever seen the water so smooth! They boys took a kayak out and saw tons of fish!

That night we went out to eat at Run Runners and Bennett and Evie enjoyed a little cousin time on the lawn. The picture isn't the best, but I still love it. They are the best of friends. He loves her and she loves him right back. sigh...

 On Monday, the 8th, we started with our usual early morning beach trip...

And ended the night at the Crab Trap with the hopes of some sunset pictures...
I think we did pretty good...
What do you think??

It was a great trip. I love my family! I love that Bennett gets to spend time with them. I love that Brad puts up with me (and with them). And that they put up with me :)
So much to be thankful for.

Project Life 2012 - Week 40

September 30 - October 6

I returned from Chicago on Monday afternoon. It really was a great trip! I'd never been to the Windy City before and would love to take my boys back there. We didn't really have much time to see the sites, and I know that there is so much to see!

So, I know that I said that I prefer to stay home, but just to totally test my sanity, we planned a family beach trip the weekend after I returned!! Bennett was lucky to have a long weekend, and a few months ago when we asked him what he wanted to do with his long weekend, he said that he wanted to go to the beach with Gigi, Bubba and Evie. Luckily for us their schedule was clear, so we booked a condo and planned our trip!!

Bennett got out of school at 12:40 on Friday, October 5 (just like every Friday - have I mentioned that I LOVE our new school's schedule!!) so he and I headed down ahead of everyone else. I was really looking forward to this time together. 
We planned to get lunch at Chick-fil-@ and then cruise on down.
I was envisioning chatting about our week the whole 4 hour trip... but Bennett hopped right in the back and turned on the TV :)  Oh well. Quality time comes in all forms, right? Ha!

We made great time getting down to Sandestin (we took a new way - didn't really like it), got to our condo, unpacked, and then headed to dinner and to the grocery store.
This is when we got our quality time.
(I called it a date, but Bennett thought that was inappropriate :)
 Here is my handsome date (squinting from the extra bright flash). We were making cootie catchers while waiting for our dinner. Fun times.
After dinner we got our groceries and went back to the condo to put them away. Bennett was the biggest helper the whole time, totally taking a big role in carrying heavy items, opening the doors, etc. It was fun seeing him be so grown up. He even helped me with the massive task of sanitizing the condo - big help!! :)

A memory I never want to forget: 
As we were loading the cold items into the fridge, Bennett said 'Mom, I think that going to W (his new school) has made me think about God a lot more.' 
Me: 'Really? How?'
B: 'Well, I can just think of Him with every day type things.'
Me: 'What do you mean?'
B: 'Well, like with this fridge door. See how it keeps moving away from me when I try to put things into it to fill it up?'
Me: 'Yes'
B: 'Well, that's how it is with God. If I keep moving away from Him, it will be harder for him to fill me up.'

It was one of those moments as a mom that made my heart swell with joy (and one that I wanted to hit the pause button on and just take it all in!!). 

I am so thankful for those few hours that God gave me all alone with my boy. I knew that we had lots of fun ahead of us with the rest of the family on their way, but I was thankful to be able to slow down and realize that even if the rest of the weekend was a bust, the whole trip had been worth it for me already!

But the whole rest of the trip wasn't a bust!!
On Saturday morning we headed to the beach...

and waited for Gigi, Nana, and Evie to arrive. Brad and Bubba had arrived late Friday night, so the boys all played in the sand while I just relaxed. The girls arrived before lunch, so it was perfect! Oh, and the weather was gorgeous!! We couldn't have asked for better!!

More beach photos in the next post...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 39

September 23-29

On the 21st I went to South Carolina to attend a photography conference, leaving the boys to a fun-filled boys-only weekend. I'm not sure what they did, but I know that they had a great time :)

On the 23rd, while I was in the middle of a photo-editing class, I was clutching my phone anxiously awaiting minute-by-minute updates from Bennett's baseball game. You see, it was rumored that he was going to pitch his first-ever game. 
I got the first text. 
He's in! He's pitching!

 And I was hundreds of miles away. 
My eyes filled with tears and my heart broke just a little knowing that I was missing such a big moment in his life. 
The texts kept coming - all good news about how great he was doing. Strike outs. Some walks. He didn't hit any one :)
And I was so proud. (and I was trying to pay attention to the class I was in!!)
What a great moment - and I'm so thankful to Brad for taking the pictures for me! 

I got home late Sunday night from South Carolina and turned right back around and left on Friday the 28th for Chicago!! Wow! 
I was lucky to be asked to go to a Children's Ministry Conference with our church - how could I say no??

The conference started Friday night with...
BETH MOORE!!! Can you believe it?!?!  Look how close we were :) 
Every time I've been lucky enough to hear Beth speak, she has been so inspiring - and this time was no different! So wonderful!

We took a little time off one day to go into Chicago to see the sights... so fun!! 

 We even travelled in style... horse-drawn carriage tour. Can you tell it was a little windy?  The conference was great - it filled my mind with all kinds of great ideas and things to try. 

I had a great time with the girls from church, but I sure did miss my boys! By the end of this second weekend, Bennett was really ready for me to come home - and I was ready to be home too! For the first weekend, I think the boys were enjoying all the freedom that they have when mommy is out of town - I can only imagine what goes on while I'm gone! Thankfully, they (at least pretended) wanted me to come back home!
Home, sweet, home!

Project Life 2012 - Week 38

Hello! Yes, we are still here! I know it seems like I've dropped of the face of the earth, but I haven't! We've just been busy, and blogging has been moved to the back burner.
So, let's get back on track!!

September 16 - 22

On Tuesday, the 18th of September, Brad and I went to see Hillsong Live.
It was a great concert and I really enjoyed our night out together :)

On Friday, the 21st Bennett's class had Monk Day.
After spending several weeks studying Monks and their contributions to society, the class got to spend a whole day as Monks would. They did illuminated writings, service work (picking up trash around the parking lot), and hourly prayers.
I was lucky enough to be able to go and help out with the Monk Meal which consisted of bread, cheese, grapes, and juice. The Monks ate in silence (for one minute!!) which was hilarious to watch! They said that it was SO hard to do. They were so cute. 

I love Bennett's new school! We all do :) They are so creative and their learning style is so hands-on... we are ALL learning! What a blessing.