Monday, February 16, 2009


What? Huh? M'am? What did you say mommy?

Each time I speak, Bennett doesn't respond in any other way than by asking me to repeat myself. Ever. I'm gonna go crazy!

Yes, I do realize that he has had some decreased hearing in the past. We got tubes years ago and then he was fine. Yes, I know that sometimes I can speak quickly... but I mean, he's lived with me his whole life - don't you think he'd be used to it by now? And yes, I do know that he has a cold that could be making this a little worse... but he can hear anything Star Wars related perfectly fine.

So, what I do I do? I usually just take a deep breath and say nothing and wait... and 9 times out of 10 he knows what I said!!! Is he doing it to drive me crazy? Quite possibly...

And, the real kicker?  Much to my dismay, while we were hanging out with my mom this weekend, she told me 'Yes, I remember when you used to do that too.' 

Ah, now I see.  Payback...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random blogging...

This week has been the strangest I've had in a while... Last week was super crammed - Bible Study, book club, library volunteer, silent auction work, CAbi party, scrapbook retreat... the list goes on and on. This week, thankfully, is much calmer. Actually, the calmness makes this week weird. I haven't had a week like this in a while, but I know that it is just the calm before the storm. :)

So, at the scrapbook retreat in Calera this weekend I got 30 - yes thirty!! - layouts completed! Here's what 30 layouts looks like...

That, my friends, is almost 2 refill packs of page protectors - almost enough to make me need to crack open a brand new scrapbook! Oh yeah. The sad thing? That is only about 3 months worth of pictures. And NO, I am not caught up, so quit asking :) I took pictures of each layout, but the color is a little wonky. Maybe I'll try to post a slide show in a bit.

It has been hard to return to the non-creative-eat-all-the-time-sleep-very-little world, but that's ok. Laci and I had a great time and can't wait to do it again soon! I think I'll just keep my bags packed just in case... just kidding!

Brad left on Sunday morning for California for a conference and he won't be back until Saturday afternoon. I've tried to explain to Bennett that since daddy is gone, he's the man of the house. I couldn't talk him into taking the garbage out, or cleaning out the litter box, and thankfully there have been no bugs to be killed in the middle of the night. But Bennett was more than happy to sleep on Brad's side of the bed Sunday night. Unfortunately, he likes to sleep sideways and with his feet in my face (and thankfully, Brad doesn't usually do that :) For these, and many other reasons, I'll be glad when Brad gets back!

Bennett has been busy working on his Valentines...

He wrote out each one himself. We have a problem with the neatness of his writing, so I have no idea how he will be able to tell who each card belongs to. It may just be a free-for-all... I guess he gets his handwriting from his daddy?? :) But, he was very proud - and thrilled that they each get 2 pixy sticks. It's the little things, I guess.

Lots of my friends have been talking about their boys having girlfriends. Bennett seems too enthralled with Star Wars to notice the ladies. I guess if a girl had her hair in braided buns like Leia he might give her a second look. Honestly, I'm not any too eager for him to have a girlfriend. Hopefully I'll be his only Valentine for a while :)

Ok, the timer is beeping telling me that my computer time is over. I headed out to get a massage and a pedicure. I also have 3 stops to make to get goodies for the Silent Auction at Bennett's school (which is in 2 weeks!). Hopefully the rain will stay away for just a bit longer...

Hope your day is going great! amy