Monday, December 7, 2009

Things Are So Grand at the Ole Opry

Brad was gone for 1o days to India. 1o looong days. Long for me, anyway!! In an effort to make the last weekend a little more bearable, Bennett and I planned a trip with Nana and Gigi to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. We had SO much fun!!

We went to Charlie Brown ICE! where everything was made from ice. Everything. It was so wild! And, it was so COLD!!! We wore our ski gear and we were still really cold!
They gave us these very stylish blue jackets for warmth.
Bennett didn't like it that his was so long, but he stuck it out!

I have to note here that Linus' blanket was NOT made from ice.
Bennett thought that it was special that the blanket was real :)

Bennett and Gigi were special buddies the whole weekend long
(complete with wrestling matches and singing various renditions of 'Jingle Bells') :)

On Saturday morning we had breakfast with Charlie Brown and Snoopy.
It was probably the highlight of the whole trip for Bennett.
Of course, we were up REALLY early, so there weren't many people to compete for Charlie's attention :)

We love Snoopy too!!
Bennett was in heaven... pancakes with whipped cream, sprinkles, oreos, and white chocolate chips and a doughnut.
I made him get the strawberries and eggs. I don't think that he ate them!!

We also shopped all morning at the mall and then we went to the Rockette's Christmas show. Bennett did really great at the show... the live nativity was totally amazing!

We spent the evening back at the hotel. We checked out the lights - the whole hotel was a Christmas Wonderland (and you know we Boothe girls LOVE all things Christmas - a trait, I'm glad to report, has been passed on to Bennett :) I'll spare you all of the pictures of the scenery... but here's one more of Bennett in the outdoor light spectacular...

Thankfully, Brad made it back (on time!!) last night. We were so glad to have him home!!! Bennett didn't get to see him until tonight - and I have to say that I don't think I've ever seen him so happy and excited to see someone!! :)