Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project Life Sept 1-15

With a little camera drama behind me, I'm finally posting the first half of September. Let's just say that when I thought the pictures were lost, I was devastated. When I found them... well, I was elated!! Yea for helpful tech support people! 

 September 1 - I mentioned our frog in the last post. Here he is again :)

 September 2 - One of the oddities of living in the woods are the acorns that pelt our house during the fall. They aren't quite as noisy without the wooden deck for them to bounce off of, but we do still hear them. I'll have to take a picture again in a few weeks so you can see the gazillions that we have... These little guys were just the beginning!

 September 3 - Do you doodle? This was a family doodle.

 September 4 - The good ole firehouse hat. I have a picture of Bennett in this same hat when he was a baby. I need to do a side by side comparison :)

 September 5 - Uncles teach nephews how to play pool. And apparently, Bubba has a few trick shots to teach!

 September 6 - The car was filled to the brim with our Giggles and Grace consignment items. Bennett was a huge help this year getting the toys ready. He hopes to bring in the big bucks! 

 September 7 - Bennett got a haircut last night. Doesn't it look nice? He always looks so handsome on the way to school :)

 September 8 - I worked at the consignment sale while Nana kept Bennett (Brad was on his scuba diving trip!) To say that Bennett enjoys sliding would be a gross understatement. After my long night of work at the sale, this was waiting for me...These pants were so muddy that I actually chipped the dirt off! I'm so glad that he loves to play ball!

 September 9 - One of the bonuses of having a Friday evening soccer practice is going out to eat with our friends afterwards. Here Bennett and his friend are playing one of his G&G treasures (that we bought!)

 September 10 - Bennett's first soccer game - and he got to be goalie! He loved it! His coach told him not to worry about getting dirty - and it took it to heart! He dove for the ball like a pro... and we won!

 September 11 - Our first baseball game! Bennett played outfield and didn't get too much action. But we won - and we were playing the team we were afraid we would lose to :)  Fall ball has been TOTALLY different this time around since the boys are doing the pitching. Still so much fun, though!

 September 12 - Bennett came home from school telling me about an experiment that they did at school while talking about states of matter. I knew right away what they did - something that we used to do at home when we were little! You can imagine how surprised he was when I pulled out the corn starch and let him do it by himself! (At school they only got to do it in a plastic bag...) Fun!

 September 13 - Bennett's very own creations...

 September 14 - I love my Wednesday job at the Dental Clinic. Such a blessing.

September 15 - I'm doing a new Bible Study this year and I think I'm really going to love it! We are studying Hebrews and going really in depth. I'm looking forward to really getting into the Word.

I hope the first half of September was great for you! As I've said before, time seems to be speeding by... 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Project Life August 16-31

What's that saying? Better late than never, right? :)
School started and things got crazy around here. Good crazy, but crazy all the same. To top it off, my camera lost a good number of pictures, so I had to scramble to find some pictures for a few days. Here's the last part of August!!

 August 16 - Nana came over to watch Bennett while Brad and I went to a church meeting. He couldn't wait for us to leave :)

 August 17 - The cub scouts had a campfire and Bennett got promoted to Bear Scout! 

August 18 - We've been waiting for 3rd grade homework to start... and tonight was the first night! After an icee stop, he knocked that homework out in no time flat! We had a 'discussion' before school started about how homework would be handled (i.e. I said if he complained or pouted, no TV for the rest of the day or the next day) and things have been going smoothly so far (as of September 13)!

August 19 - The Back to School Bash at church allowed Bennett to have a fun time at church and Brad and I to go to get pizza. The kids apparently had a good time wrapping each other in toilet paper :) Our Children's Team rocks!

August 20 - Bennett was wandering around the house looking for something 'fun' to do and Brad told him to clean the windows. After a little rolling of the eyes, he got to work :)

 August 21 - Swimming at Gigi and Bubba's pool is the perfect way to finish a weekend!

 August 22 - Perry. Perry the Platypus. 

 August 23 - I know that this is a crazy picture, but we think it is so crazy the way that our noodles stand up straight in the bowl after cooking in the microwave. It happens every time. 

 August 24 - Agility training with Coach Nick. High knees and feet Bennett!!

 August 25 - Bennett captured a HUGE grasshopper on the back porch before school. He wanted to save it for Bubba. Luckily, I talked him in to letting it go after school :)
Gigi, you can thank me later...

 August 26 - This little frog has been hanging out in the backyard between the living room and our bathroom windows. We love watching him!

 August 27 - We went to a wonderful fundraising dinner for SOZO tonight and I had a new dress and some killer shoes!!

 August 28 - We have really loved having this wild butterfly bush in our backyard! We get these black/blue ones, yellow, and orange ones. We also get some hummingbirds (which I'm not afraid of, oddly :)

August 29 - I can't post it here, but today I went to Bennett's school and took a picture of the class for the roster. I'll put it in my photobook, though!

 August 30 - I did it! I completed my photo wall in my foyer! It only took me 3 months to plan, but I love it!! What do you think?

August 31 - Baseball has started. Let the red dirt begin...

I hope your August was as great as ours!