Monday, May 10, 2010

Reflections on being a Mommy

As I've been reflecting on how lucky I am to be a mommy, a few things have occurred to me that I want to remember to be thankful for. Many times, as a mom, I focus on how much I do for my son. How hard I work. How many hours I spend folding clothes, driving carpool to school (and tae kwon do, baseball, soccer, & basketball), picking up toys, scrubbing dirt out of pants and ketchup off of shirts. How many times I run to the grocery store to get that special food that he just loves. How many light sabers and legos I've picked up from the floor, couch, table, etc. How many times I've watched Star Wars or Scooby Doo. How many conversations we've had about Clone Troopers and Mr. Incredible and, well, lots of other things that I know very little about. You know... the mommy 'to-do' list goes on and on. This weekend, though, I've been reminded of how much my son does for me. That's right - he does a lot for me!

He wakes me up each morning. Early. But you know what? I am greeted by a smile EVERY morning. He's never, in over 7 years, greeted me in the morning with a scowl or a frown. That's awesome. I couldn't ask for a better way to be awakened (would I like it better after 6 AM? Maybe, but that's not the point!)

He's brought me along with him on many adventures that I would have NEVER taken on my own. I never played a sport. Nope, not one! With Bennett, my horizons have been widened greatly with tae kwon do, baseball, soccer, and basketball. I've ridden on trains and tractors and slides and swings. We've gone to zoos and museums and parks. I wouldn't have experienced these fun things if I weren't a mom!

Bennett has taught me that the best way to spend my day is to take time to enjoy the little things. Like the flowers (weeds) that are pretty on the sidewalk. Or the frog that is on the window. Or the way my milk makes bubbles that look like Mickey Mouse. Or that the moon is still out when the sun is up. Isn't that neat? My tendency is to move from task to task as quickly as I can - to cross things off the list, you know? Bennett has taught me to slow down a bit. There's really not all that much to be in a hurry for anyway. These days will be gone too fast.

By being Bennett's mom I've realized that it's ok to let some things (most things!!) go. I don't need to try to control every little thing. After all, God's the one that is supposed to be in control, right? If my little guy wants to wear mis-matched socks, who cares? Will an extra cookie really be that bad? Not really. If he wants to play air guitar in church, is that really a bad thing? What about break dancing in Sunday School? Somersaulting down the hall? No biggie, right?

Bennett has brought out my inner cheer leader... I never knew that I would be one of 'those' moms who really gets into the game. Of course, I'm always yelling positive things, but still, I'm yelling! It's so fun!

Finally, Bennett has taught me that the important thing isn't winning, but the attitude with which you play the game. We've lost a lot of baseball games this season. Way more than we've won. But you know what? That hasn't stopped Bennett from loving baseball. LOVING it. He plays with 100% effort, even when he doesn't have the skill to always get the job done. He's always got a smile - even when he strikes out. I love that about him. I need that attitude in all of my life. Because if you play well enough, there's a huge reward at the end - no matter how the interim plays out. Keeping my eyes on the heavenly reward makes the earthly stuff all fall away.
So, while I thoroughly enjoyed my Mother's Day presents and cards - oh, and that Mother's Day Tea at school was the best! - I'm the lucky one. I'm the one who gets to be his mommy.