Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project Life March 1-20

Bennett's art show was on March 1. He worried that I might not like it - it was the most beautiful art work I've ever seen!

March 2 was the Living History Museum at school. Bennett was Charles M. Schultz and he did a GREAT job!

I complained (a little bit :) that we didn't have any daffodils in our yard a few days ago. SURPRISE!! We went outside this week and found some that Brad's dad planted for us last year. I love flowers!

Baseball practice... over and over and over again! He loves it - so I do too!

Brad worked all day long on paperwork for his church committee. He got it done!

Serious about the computer (and trying to ignore the camera in his face :)

He's learning cursive!! Please note the middle line - 'i love my parents' :)

The cub scouts too a field trip to the pet store. I think that our tour guide earned double that night!!

The daffodils again - with my NEW LENS! :)

Ash Wednesday. A super crowded service. Remembering the sacrifice make for me.

On the 10th we had a fun field trip to the zoo with Bennett's class. We were lucky that Brad got to spend some time with us too!

Finally - Evie is here! March 11 was a great day for a precious little girl! Bennett got to leave school early to visit her - a great beginning to Spring break :)

Bennett is the BEST at lego games! This is Anakin - great job!

We're getting the backyard worked on (started on the 11th) and had to move the grill out to the side. Brad grilled a delicious dinner for us! 

We had a great surprise visit from Pa on Monday - and there was a friendly game of Mario played. I *think* that Pa got his tail beat...

Bennett can't wait to hold his little cousin. She's adorable. 

When we got home from practice, Bennett said that he needed to do something. He was gone for a while, and I found him putting our cross in the yard. He was so proud. I'm thankful for his thoughtfulness.

 Happy St. Patrick's day!

Our date night tonight was pizza and yogurt. What more could I ask for?? :)

The backyard is not quite done... but it's good enough for a lightsaber duel!!

Brad surprised us this morning with a solo during church. What a wonderful surprise!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project Life February 10-28

How can it already be March? Wow! 2011 is already flying by... I always seem to think that the next stage in life will be less busy, but it never seems to work out that way. I am thankful for all of the fun that we can have together - even in the everyday-ness of things.

Below are the pictures for the rest of February. Enjoy!

 A day of REAL snow. And they didn't cancel or even delay school! Booo! The boys got out and played for a few minutes, though. Thank goodness the boys are early-risers :)

 Today Bennett brought home this great drawing. It sat on the counter for a while until I turned it over and found this:

 The Mercedes Marathon! Bennett ran the first 25 miles at school throughout the year and completed the final mile this morning. I'm so proud of him! He jogged the whole way... and no complaints about hurting legs this time :)
 I didn't get a picture of it, but he was met at the finish line by Aubie. Woohoo!
 On the way back to the car he was fascinated with the signs along the that detailed the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham. He stopped and read each sign with interest. They had been learning about it in school, so this was super cool to see in our own city. 

 I was reminded of his innocence. He has no idea that anyone would be treated differently for the way that they look. He came home from school a few days ago and asked me if I had known that some people were treated differently because their skin was brown. The thought had never crossed his mind. I am thankful for that.

 Finally! A baby shower for Gigi that Bennett can attend! He was so excited to be able to help Gigi open the gifts for Evie (and to have the cake!) We can't wait for Evie to get here!

 Happy Valentine's Day! Bennett got a few action figures, a M&M dispenser and an Auburn magazine.
 Brad got a homemake chocolate cake.

 And I got these beautiful roses... just like the one that Brad brought me on our first date:)

 As we walked downstairs this morning to go to carpool, Bennett said 'You know what mom? When I wear jeans I feel confident!' I love that! He looks so handsome in his jeans - and to think, just a year ago he fought me tooth-and-nail when I tried to get him to wear them. He sure is growing up!

 First baseball practice! We have a new coach and a new team! Here's hoping for a great season!

Brad and I took a walk this morning together. We dreamed about the house that we'll build someday. Brad is drawing up some plans... we'll work on the plans for the next 20 years or so to get it just right :)

 My jedi waits for me at the bottom of the hill. No Sith will be able to get to the house with this guard on watch!

 Brad left for Montana this afternoon...
 and Bennett got his first 'fat lip' at practice :(

 This afternoon Bennett had his friend Hughes over to play. As they were leaving, Hughes mentioned that he was saving his money up for a Ph1ten necklace. Bennett said 'Hold on just a minute!' and ran to get Hughes the necklace that he had bought for himself with his Christmas money. So sweet!

 He lost a tooth! (with a little help from that ball that caused the fat lip!)

Cheetos for dinner! He was so excited - we NEVER have cheetos in our house...

 This afternoon we had a haircut right after school. We stopped at Edgars to get a snack and do our homework. Then we were off to baseball practice. Busy day!

 My daily view from carpool line.

 Bennett had to wear 'nice clothes' for the fieldtrip to see a muscial today. He wasn't happy about the 'nice clothes' part, but he sure did look nice :)

Brad came home from Montana! (with a new hat!) We were REALLY glad to have him back home!

Happy Birthday Nana!! 
 Bennett's children's choir sang at a nursing home. They did a great job!

I love my phone!