Sunday, December 28, 2008

Days 27 & 28

I know that some of my 'friends' will find great humor in December 27th picture - and to those people, I have to say... well, it might be funny. If it weren't so scary! :)

You might not be able to tell, but in those trees, which are in my backyard, are 1000's of black birds. They invaded our yard Saturday morning. I could hear them inside - all their screeching and cawing. They were EVERYWHERE. I am vowed not to leave my house until they were gone. In fact, except to take this picture, I avoided the windows. Why our yard? Birds are too scary. Note: All those 'cute' birds on scrapbook paper - you'll never see me use one. Ever.

Ok, on to less scary things :) December 28's picture is of Bennett and Brad playing the Wii - the Force Unleashed. They are having a light saber duel. Neither of them really know how to win, but usually Bennett wins. And, believe it or not, I think Brad kinda gets a little mad :)

The house is still a wreck. Total disaster, really. I mean, you could totally break a leg walking through my living room. Good thing we are not letting anyone in. And that our home owner's insurance is up-to-date.  Maybe I'll clean it up tomorrow... (but I'm not holding my breath - and you shouldn't either :) As my mom always said - it'll be there tomorrow...

Friday, December 26, 2008

How can it be? and more pictures :)

How can it be that Christmas was yesterday? Over? Gone? There is always a little sadness for me when it is over. I look forward to it for over a month, love the decorations, the cards, the shopping, the surprises for other. The days are wonderful and the memories are great.  I love everything about Christmas, and it makes me sad that it doesn't last longer. But, as they tell Elmo in 'Elmo Saves Christmas' - "Everyday can't be Christmas, That wouldn't be such a treat." :)

So, now that Christmas is over, I am enjoying all of our new loot. Sure, the house still looks like a tornado ripped through at 5:45 AM yesterday. But that's ok, right?  

I'm still taking pictures. I figure that it's December Daily pictures, and December still has 5 more days. So, for December 23 I bring you a picture of a cake that I made. For some reason, when we were standing in Williams Sonoma a few months ago, I told my mom that I would be happy to decorate this cake for Christmas Eve... So, while it's not my best work (and it did fall apart about 10 minutes after I took this), it still tasted good :)

December 24 - We spent the morning at mom's, had lunch at noon, opened 5 presents each (Bennett wanted to open them all :), visited with Brad's family, went to church at 4, waved to Santa on a fire truck in the rain, left Santa's cookies and milk and the reindeer dust, read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas', and forgot to pose for the hang-the-stocking picture. Bennett was asleep before 8, and I feel asleep with him for a bit, which made for a hurried rest of the evening :) Here's a picture of the 3 of us in our traditional Christmas Eve pose...
December 25 - Bennett actually slept in according to past Christmas-morning standards... I heard him up at 5:15, and we were in the living room 5:45 taking it all in. It always amazes me how Bennett reacts to seeing Santa's gifts. He just stands and stares at it all for the first 45 seconds or so. So cute :)  Here he is yesterday just looking. The first gift he picked up? The Star Wars the Clone Wars DVD. Don't worry - it didn't take long for him to dig in!!
December 26- Today is our shopping day! Angie, mom and I met at Target at 8, then went to World Market, Wrapsody, Pet Smart, Village Gifts, and Hobby Lobby. I bought all of my wrapping paper, bows, tags, and many gifts for teachers and gift swaps next year. So much fun!!

Tonight Angie and Gavin came over and Brad cooked us dinner. We played the Wii and had a great time. So, I guess that we are still celebrating Christmas! I am so blessed to have such a great and fun family!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pics of the day... days 19-22

Happy December 22!! I'm still playing a little bit of catch up, but only a little bit. For the most part, things are calm and cool :) Here are the pictures that you have been waiting for from Friday through today... enjoy!!

On Friday, the 19th, Bennett got out of school at 1. Nana didn't get out of school until 3, and Bennett has been begging... really, begging... to go to school and see Nana's 'children' since he has started kindergarten. Friday was the perfect day. So, I picked him up from school and we went straight to Nana. You can tell she was very disappointed to have him :) As a matter of fact, she even said to me 'There's no reason for you to come in... you can just drop him off' :)
So, I came straight home and for 8 hours - yes, you read that right - 8 hours, I wrapped presents. While the boys were gone (Brad was on call) I wrapped and watched my 'Office' DVD's. And every present is done. ALL OF THEM!! yeah! Our tree is packed with presents and it is gorgeous :)
Saturday, December 20 I took a picture of our Christmas card display in the kitchen. I saw this a few years ago in a magazine, and I loved it, and it has been mine ever since :) Totally simple - just a length of cute ribbon tied across my kitchen window. The cards are attached by some cute heart and swirl paper clips. I LOVE Christmas cards!! I love getting them every day in the mail and catching up with everyone. And, I look at these cards every day. Makes me so happy!
I also saw this in my bedroom and had to snap a picture. It's not every day that Rudolph and Santa make a visit to me house!! :)
Sunday, Dec 21 - After a great morning at church and a relaxing afternoon of 'Elmo Saves Christmas' (have you seen it? It's great!! Bennett won't admit to liking much about Sesame Street anymore, but this on is a classic for us.) Anyway, after that, we went and had dinner with my dad, Papa, Aunt Cheryl, Tom (I'm not allowed to call him ''uncle'' b/c it makes him feel old, I guess :), cousin Chrystal, Gigi, and Bubba. Good times.

Monday, December 22 - Today we went to see 'Tale of Despereaux'. Cute little movie. I {heart} those little picture kiosks, so here we are...
Tonight Brad and I went to the Church of the Highlands to see their Christmas service. It was great. You should do too. Really, you should.
Tomorrow is a down day - just icing a cake for Christmas Eve and running a few errands (grocery, etc.) Can't wait for Wednesday and Thursday! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

picture of the day!!

I know. Posting the picture of the day on the day it occurred is rare. And to think I'm doing it before 1 PM!! Wow!

Thursday, December 18 - Today was Bennett's class party. So fun. I'm bringing you a picture of him screaming 'party up in heeeee-uh' (just like his Gigi taught him) when he saw the Barber's party dip on the plate :) We do love dip!

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

busy days... more pictures

WOW! How have things gotten so busy? I was SO supposed to be on top of things this holiday season. I was supposed to not get behind AT ALL. Have everything done ahead of time. Scrapbook with all my free time. Hmm. Somehow that hasn't worked out :)
I'm gettin' there, though. I still have my camera at the ready. And we are having a great time. Please don't look around the house because you will be totally disgusted. You can't see the counter-tops or the table top. But we're having fun!

Ok, here's the picture from Monday, December 15 - We had all of our Christmas cards ready for the mail! This year I ordered cards that required a beautiful ribbon. Indeed, it is pretty, but it took a little bit of time to get it done. Brad helped, though, and now they are on their way to your house! Love them!
In addition to mailing the cards, I also mailed all of our packages on Monday. Ornaments to Jenn and Whit, Aunt Cork's presents, and 2 ebay items that I sold. Apparently, Monday was the busiest day of the season at the Post Office. I wish I would have known that before I went. Oh well. I {heart} the self-serve kiosk at the Post Office. The people behind me didn't love that I had 5 packages and a letter to the IRS, but that's ok. I smiled at them when we left and wished them a very Merry Christmas. And Bennett helped anyone who needed help putting their packages in the package chute. :)

I also went to Bennett's class on Monday morning and helped them make an ornament craft. Fun stuff. I heard that one little girl's daddy used to be a doctor, but now that they have moved he just works on computers. Ok. Then I heard that another little girl's sister got in trouble for jumping on the bed. And a little boy had to go to the hospital for stitches and he got to go in his pajamas. Good stuff... just listening to the stories. I certainly hope that Mrs. M doesn't believe all that Bennett tells her! Yikes!

Tuesday, December 16. On Tuesday I got a massage from Jim at Massage Envy. Awesome. I also went to Costco with Meg. All I got was Cottonelle wipes. Not the normal $350 Costco bill, but that's because Brad cancelled our card. Oh well. I also went to Tori and Gina's ornament swap. As always, it was a great time. Fun games, good food, ornament stealing. Not sure why I don't have a picture of the ornament that I got. It's a good one from Annie Laurie. I'll have to do that tomorrow. I'm giving you a picture of my upstairs balcony. Don't you love this huge ornament? I do. and it's new for this year!

We also found out that Bennett's picture of the manger was on the cover of the Children's bulletin on Sunday in the Contemporary Service. He was so excited and left me the cutest message on my cell phone. He said 'Mommy, My picture made it on to the bulletin, but we missed it! But it is so great! Are you proud of me? I really did it! I hope you believe me. I did it!' So sweet. And I am proud!

Wednesday, December 17 - Today was another busy day! I created a craft for Bennett's Christmas party (tomorrow), then went to Scrap Etc for Creative Cafe. No one came, but they are all probably just as crazy busy as I am. I had a good time, though, talking to Lucy. This afternoon I made these:
Cranberry Caramel bars. They are a tradition, and since I was putting together teacher gifts, I decided I had to have them. They are so good. Thanks, Jenn, for giving me the recipe so many years ago! I think of you each time I make them :)

Tonight was the big Children's Christmas program at church. The kindergarten choir sang, and successfully sang at least 60% of the words, so I guess my director debut will have mixed reviews. They sure were cute, though! :) Here's a pic of Bennett - Brad had the camera and he did a great job! Thanks, honey!

Ok, I know that this is picture #3, but tonight as I was going upstairs to finish wrapping the teacher gifts, I found this in the fire place.

It is a letter to Santa. It says 'Dear Santa the Christmas chree (deciphered as tree) is this way' and there is a big arrow :) I'm so glad that Santa will now know where that big ole tree is :)

I do have to say, that despite all the busy-ness, I am reminded every day of the gift that God gave us when he sent us his baby son to save us. A baby. In a manger. Bennett's title of his drawing for the bulletin was 'A Way in a Manger'. I am struck by how right Bennett is. Not only is He a way, He is THE way. I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season as much as I am!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pictures of the day

Wednesday, December 10 - I have a Santa collection and this is on of the newest... a SCRAPBOOKING SANTA!! oh yeah :) Thanks to my friend Shannon for passing him on to me. I love him!!
Thursday, December 11 - Angie and I hosted our Sunday School's Girl's Night Out this month. It was a Christmas decor swap and we had SO much fun! I made chicken salad, chocolate caramel pecan coated potato chips, and gooey butter bars, so I cooked a bunch on Wednesday and Thursday... 

Oh, and a 2nd pic from the 11th - here are the chili peppers, which Ang and I sneak back and forth into each other's homes throughout the season.  I hung it on her tree - don't worry, she found it while I was there, so this is not a secret... Wonder where it is now???
On Friday the 12th, Brad, Bennett and I went to a live nativity at Briarwood. I've always wanted to go and every year it seems that something always gets in the way.  Bennett was totally in to it - listened at every station and remembered the whole thing. I hope we do this every year!
Saturday, December 13 - We made cookies at mom's house. We do it every year - mom rolls sugar cookies, we decorate them, Bennett spills more sprinkles than he gets on the cookies (although that was MUCH better this year!!), Angie makes sausage balls, and we use the last bit of the dough to make Santa cookies. This year Bennett made Santa's cookies all by himself :)
Sunday, December 14 - I have a picture for today, but I'm not going to post it... It's of the kiddies in my choir that I lead on Sunday nights. I don't want to post all of their pics on the ole blog... but tonight was our last practice before the Christmas program this Wednesday night. I think they are ready :)

I hope you have a great week! I have a list a mile long, it seems... but still trying to keep the whole season centered on Christ. I'm feeling really blessed these days.  How 'bout you?


well, I'm waiting for the pictures to download from the camera (the last several days of pictures are on the way, I promise!!). So, while I'm waiting, I'm going to post the 4th picture from the 4th file on my computer. Drum roll please...
oh!! Look... it's a picture of Angie and Bennett at the zoo! It was May 2005 - Angie must have been on a break from school?? This is when the obsession for all things cotton candy was passed down from Aunt to nephew :) Bennett and I used to spend some major time at the zoo. Good, good times. Man, that's a cute kid, isn't it? And a cute Gigi too :)

Thanks, Shelley, for taggin' me! Good walk down memory lane! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pics of the day

December 7 - Sunday. We did a lot on Sunday, but I didn't have my camera for the best of it - gasp!! Church was great, we had a delicious lunch at the Tavern at the Summit, we spent the afternoon with Gigi recovering some furniture, then we went to choir at church. No pictures... So, I'm giving you a picture of that cause if much destruction of my beloved Christmas decorations. He's climbing the tree, he's digging in the plants, he's eating the fake garland, he's chewing on the ornaments. 
But he's so cute!! :)

December 8 - We just got a package! We just got a package! We just got a package! Wonder who it's from?!?!?  Amazon!! This is almost the last of the Christmas shopping...  Bennett met Mr. Cunningham (our postman) in the driveway and they had a nice long conversation. We love Mr. Cunningham! That reminds me that I need to get him a present!
December 9 - Today we went to see Santa at Brookwood Mall. I picked Bennett up from school and we went straight there. They have the BEST Santa in the land, I believe... No lines today - and he was waving at Bennett as we walked up. Bennett promptly whispered in his ear that he already gave him his letter on the Polar Express. Santa was a bit confused, thinking that Bennett wanted the Polar Express, but I was able to clear that up, and Santa assured Bennett that he remembered getting that letter... 
I took some more pictures in the mall - just too much fun to have my camera with me not to snap a few while Bennett was window shopping, but since this supposed to be one picture a day, I'll keep those to myself. 

Things are getting really busy - today I had a PTO brunch at the principal's house, tomorrow I'll be baking for our Sunday School Girls' Night Out party (on Thursday). I love this time of year! I hope you are enjoying it too!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dec 6 pic of the day

Today Bennett and his friend Hughes were playing with his Santa house and I happened to get a picture of it... Hearing them talk about Santa, the reindeer, the elves, what Mrs. Claus is baking... well, it just made me smile :)
We also went to the Angel Workshop at church, which was equal parts fun, chaos, and glue. To round off a great Saturday, we went to see Bolt. Cute movie, but waaaaay above a 5 1/2 year old's head. I've tried to explain the plot at least 76 times, and just when I think I've gotten through, Bennett asks me the same thing :) Oh well, it was an entertaining use of $24...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Can it really be December 5 already???

Wow! December is already flying by so fast! I accepted the challenge to document December each day with a photo-of-the-day. I've been doing it - I promise!! Posting them, however, well, that's another story. So how about if I post the first 5 days at once?!?!?!? That's ok, right?

December 1 - Aunt Cork made Bennett a homemade advent calendar in a box. So cute! (I can't just choose one picture, so here's 2 :)

On Dec 2 I hosted bookclub and we 'read' Southern Living's '40 Years of Our Best Recipes'. We each made a recipe from the book - and it was ALL good :)  We also did a book swap. Fun stuff - and good friends!

December 3 - Bennett got to bring Franklin home from school for 2 days. Franklin was a very considerate house guest. We'd love to have him with us again!
Ok, 2 pictures from Dec 3!! :)  Bennett also went to the holiday shop at school and bought presents for me, Brad, Nana, and Pa. I went to help and wrapped approximately 105023 little trinkets for people named mommy, daddy, little baby, etc. :) Fun times. Here are Bennett's finds...

December 4 - This is not the best picture... I've taken another one, but not on the 4th, so this is the one I'll post just to stay true to POTD... Our elf left reindeer antlers and a red nose on our van while we were sleeping! I can't tell you how many people have smiled, waved, and complimented (and I'm sure a few have shaken their heads in disbelief...) since we've had them. 
Finally, December 5 - Today we rode the Polar Express all the way to the North Pole with a train FULL of our friends. This is always one of the highlights of our holiday!