Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project Life July 16-31

Welcome back to our Project Life!! The end of July... we are closer to Christmas than we are far away :) 
School is starting in less than 2 weeks! I'm not ready to have a 3rd grader. Whew.

Here's the rest of July!!
July 16 - Martha's Vineyard... no matter where in New England we were, Bennett was trying to get a baseball game going. The boys loved playing a little 1 on 1 game each day. The wiffle bat and ball were perfect. I think that Brad even won once :)

 July 17 - Back to the main land via ferry. We drove up to New Hampshire today.

July 18 - We drove up to Bar Harbour, Maine today. This is the view of the hotel and the Gulf of Maine from our hotel room. Ahhh.

 July 19 - Whale watching. We found 4 humpback whales - this pair was a mom and her baby :) 

 July 19 - picture #2 Here are my boys on the way back to the shore. Can you believe that it dropped from 90 degrees to 40 degrees? Loved it!

July 20 - Brad and Bennett went kayaking in the Gulf of Maine during low tide. I walked out on the sand bar and got a good view of their adventure. (and for the record, I couldn't go - only pairs could go :)

 July 20 - picture #2 After the boys kayaking adventure we went into Acadia National Park. Bennett LOVED climbing. It was truly amazing up there... look at that view!

 July 21 - Time to go home! We got to Bangor a couple of hours before our flight and we saw a sign for the Children's Museum. It was great! Here are the boys on a scooter. We had a hard time getting Brad off of this one :)

 July 22 - I can't believe that Brad kept his hair growing this long! As soon as we got home, he was determined to get it shaved off. He's bald again! He hasn't gotten any 'where-has-your-hair-gone??' comments. He got 'I-didn't-know-you-could-grow-hair' comments for months and months! I think he's the handsomest no matter what :)

 July 23 - Working on laundry! Being gone for 10 days and having a live-in house sitter lead to ALOT of laundry! I have to admit, I got a huge satisfaction out of getting this big chore done! (And for the record, it is all put away!)

 July 24 - Bennett had his friend over and they made some wonderful lego creations. They want to send these in to the lego magazine :)

 July 25 - Bennett's trip to the dentist! No cavities and 'the teeth of a 9 or 10 year old' :) The hygienist could not believe how good Bennett's manner were. 

 July 26 - Seeing this picture right after the dentist report is funny :)  We ended our day with a shaved ice. Yum.

 July 27 - Rain! Lots of it.

July 28 - Bennett really enjoyed having Parker over. They played a little of everything. Here they are light-saber-dueling. I still don't like that mask that Parker has on. It really freaks me out!

July 29 - Bennett's last day of swim camp. He LOVES swim camp at Mrs. Gina's. He learned all the stokes as well as diving and safety. During the performance, he showcased the back stroke, diving ring retrieval, and belly flop :) He slept GREAT every night!

July 30 - We celebrated Gavin's birthday at his party! So fun!

July 31 - We really love playing tiny zoo. Right now, in fact, our zoo is under construction and we are breeding some penguins :) 

Our July was great - hope yours was too!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project Life July 1-15

 July 1 - We spent the morning bowling with our friends the Burnetts. We had a great time  and even had a few strikes and spares (thanks to the bumpers :)

 July 2 - We had our friends the McCrackens over for family game night!! Pizza, homemade ice cream and peach cobbler, and wonderful friends... what more could we ask for?? 
I'm pretty sure the girls won, by the way!

 July 3 - Lunch at Shane's after church. YUM!

 July 4 - We started our celebration with a little swim at Gigi and Bubba's. It started raining at lunch time, so we were glad that we got there early!

 Pic #2 - Bennett and I made this special flag cake... It tasted SO good!

 July 5- The boys playing CARS.

 July  6 -Bennett was my special helper when I took pictures this morning... and he even let me take a few of him (and it only cost me a snack at the local store :)
Isn't he handsome???

 July 8 - Dinner at Pablo's. This picture cracks me up - the flash is so bright on my camera! It makes Brad sleeping and Bennett wide-eyed :)

 July 7 - Bennett created this wonderful lego creation. We photographed it and sent it in to the Lego magazine. Fingers crossed that they'll publish it!

July 8 - no picture. You know that bothers me.

 July 9 - Cousins. love.

July 10 - no picture. Double bother. I was packing for our trip. That's my excuse...

 July 11 - First cab ride! Boston.

 July 12 - Fenway park!! The green monster. Man, it was hot. But it was fabulous!

 July 13- We had a wonderful tour on the USS Constitution. 

 July 14 - First ferry ride. On our way to Martha's Vineyard. It was so windy! Also, so fun!

July 15 - On the yard at the Winnetu. Our photographer did a great job, don't you think?

I promise to have more in depth details about our trip! We had a great time touring New England... Stay tuned!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

2010 review

One of my favorite projects to make at Shutterfly is a Year-in-Review book... because I use Shutterfly for all of my photo printing, it is always super simple to make a year-end book (even if I don't get around to making it until the next year is half way over!! :)  What do you think??