Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project LIfe - December 16-31, 2011

I did it! 52 FULL weeks of Project Life!! Wow! I have to admit - this feels like quite an accomplishment! Yippee!! 
So, without further delay... here are the last pictures from 2011. 

December 16 - We received a traveling journal from my cousin Debbie and filled it out with a bunch of information about Alabama. Bennett, of course, only thought we should focus on Auburn football... there is a little more to AL than just football, right? :)

 December 17 - Date night! One of Brad's colleagues had a Christmas party, so we dressed up and went for a little bit. It was a nice party, but the best part was grabbing a quick bite to eat at Maki Fresh on the way home. We were a little over-dressed, but who cares, right?

 December 18 - Bennett loves being acolyte - and he does a really great job! Today he also drew a great picture of Pastor Kip entitled 'The Sermonator' and gave it to him after the service. Pastor Kip asked if he could use it in the Christmas Eve sermon!! Bennett's response: "I thought he might like to use it in his sermon" Ha!
 December 18 - pic#2 - We put together all of the goodies that we baked over the past few days for Bennett's teachers. The tins included chocolate covered pretzels, fudge, chocolate drop cookies, peanut butter toffee bars, and pretzels with rolos and kisses. So fun!

 December 18 - pic#3 - Sunday was a busy day! Bennett designed and put together his 'Who' shirt for Tuesday. 

 December 19 - Bright and early (see, it's still dark outside... he's probably been up for an hour by the time this picture was taken!) Bennett created an ice scene with this Star Wars figures the night before and placed it in the freezer. The excitement comes in defrosting them, apparently. He froze and thawed these guys many times in the coming days.

 December 20 -(3 pics!) My orange and blue Who. The Third graders dressed up as 'Who's' for their Christmas performance today. I love Bennett's creativity!

 The third graders did a FABULOUS musical performance of the Grinch story and Bennett had a speaking part. He did a great job! I was a proud mama!

 December 21 - Movies with friends! The first day of Christmas break called for a movie break, so we went to see 'Arthur Christmas' and it was so good! One of the best movies we've seen in a loooonnnggg time! We'll definitely be getting this one on DVD when it comes out! So funny!

 December 22 - Whew! Christmas is coming fast! We decorated a gingerbread house today and it turned out so good! I pretty much squeezed the icing and Bennett did all the rest! I don't think you can see it, but he even made a snowman and snowdog!

 December 23 - Today we helped Nana make the dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls for Christmas Eve, but I can't seem to find those pictures - they must be on Nana's camera? Anyway, here is a picture of our tree. Half of the lights don't work and the ornaments are all gobbed in the front, but I love it!

 December 24 - Getting these 2 to both look at the camera and smile is just about impossible! Boy, they sure are cute... and Bennett really wanted his picture taken with Evie. So sweet!

 December 24 pic #2 - Our family. 

 December 24 -pic#3 - Nana and her kiddos.

 December 24 - pic #4 - Bennett with Mooma and Poopa

 December 25 - Bennett and Sadie both check out the loot that Santa brought!

December 25 - pic#2 - Isn't it great to give a gift that gets this reaction? :) Mom loved the water color of her house done by Lynn. Yea!

 December 26 - Shopping the after Christmas sales is so much fun! I didn't have much to buy this year, but I managed to get some fun goodies!

 December 27 - The living room is still in post-Christmas-morning disarray. It remained this way until early 2012 :)

 December 28 - Chad and his boys came for a visit. They had a great time shooting arrows in the back yard. Bennett loves his cousins!

 December 29 - Pa got a new puppy! Her name is Abby and she is adorable!

December 29 - pic#2 - See, I told you! She's so cute!

 December 30 - On our way up to  SC to visit the Wargos. Bennett noticed the 'crack' in this peach. Ha! Boys.

 December 31 - A friendly game of 'Guess Who' with Sydney.

December 31 - pic#2 - We rang in the New Year mystery-style with the Wargo's a local wine shop. Thankfully, neither Brad nor I was the murderer. And we both survived the evening without getting knocked off :) 

I'm so glad that I documented 2011 like this. I think that it will always be something that we can look back on and remember the big and the little things. I'm struck with the amount of really important things happen in the little moments - it's amazing how God works, isn't it? 

Happy 2012!