Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 36

September 2 - 8

Wow! September is here! How can that be???!?!?!? 
Summer is over and Fall is on the way... and oddly enough, the weather is even turning a little cooler. I swear, it never turns cool here until at least October, right? Bonus!

This week we started off with a Labor Day celebration (lunch, swimming, and general hanging out) at Gigi and Bubba's house.
The water was waaaay to cold for the girls...
but Bennett was determined to get in (just a bit slower than he usually does :)

Brad was a good sport and hopped in too.
They actually ended up catching a few football/diving board combos.

Do you think this will help with Saturday's football game??

On Wednesday, the 5th, we took our consignment stuff to G&G. I've said it for the past few sales, but I really think this is our last sale.
We consigned most of Bennett's winter clothes since he'll be wearing a uniform to school this year and he did a good job cleaning out his toys and costumes. Of course, he is motivated to clean out because I let him have the money that we earn for his toys :)
As we were working together tagging and pricing Bennett said 'You know, this kinda makes me feel grown up. Getting rid of these toys I don't play with any more.' 
I paused and said 'Yup, you are growing up. I kinda wish you'd stop it' or something equally mommy-like. It was one of those stop-me-in-my-tracks-and-pay-attention-moments. Do you ever have those? 
Oh, if he only knew how grown up he is... 
As his mom, I'm keenly aware of every moment of his growing up. 
Every. Single. Moment.
It is flying by right before my eyes. 

Saturday, the 8th
10 AM
1st football game
in the rain!!!!

As we pulled into the parking lot, a few drops began to fall. 'Oh', I thought, 'I wonder if they'll call the game.' Little did I know - flag football pauses for NOTHING! Not even pouring rain!!! 
This picture was taken before the game... we all (Brad and I, and all the grandparents) watched the first half of the game from under a little shelter while the rain poured down.
What a blessed little boy! How many kids have 6 adults that would be willing to stand in a deluge to watch a football game? Surely not very many!
We are blessed indeed!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 35

August 26 - Sept 1

Monday, the 27th
Bennett had baseball practice tonight. This is a totally new team - he only knows one other kid on the team, and that is really only an acquaintance. Bennett doesn't care though - I think I was more traumatized about not knowing the moms on the team than he was about not knowing the kids! Ha!
Anyway, the coach was asking who wanted to play what position, and Bennett raised his hand for just about every position! Even catcher! I was shocked! I thought for sure he was going to hold out for pitcher, but nope. His hand shot up for catcher. So, here he was behind home plate.
I have to say... he did a great job! 
When we headed home I said 'Catcher, huh? That really surprised me.' 'Really?' he said.
And that was that :)

Tuesday, the 28th
Bennett is really loving his new coach for his baseball lessons. Today he worked exclusively on hitting. They really worked it out.  I am always amazed at how Bennett can focus and really dig in when he gets that one-on-one instruction.
I think that my sitting under an umbrella on the side of the cage embarrassed him a little bit, but it was hot, and I was sweating :)

Friday, the 31st
So, once Bennett and I got done with our grammar lessons this summer, I had a white board laying around. Have I mentioned how fun I think it is to write on the white board? Yeah, it is fun! 
So, I hung it up in the pantry and we take turns writing secret notes to each other. It is such a nice little surprise to walk into the pantry (probably to get a snack that I shouldn't be getting!!) and see a sweet note. This one from Brad was somewhat poetic!!

And just like that September is here! Wow. Fall is almost here! Yea!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 34

August 19 - 25

Well, school is going great! I mean, really great. 
Bennett has merged right into school as if he has always gone there. It has really been remarkable! He is such a neat little guy :)

Here's a get-to-know-you paper that came home from school this week. I love it! 
Did you see where he said that he was good at memorizing useless facts? Ha!
But there's also that part where he says that he hopes that he makes new friends and then adds (I already have!) Love it!
Talk about answered prayers!

On Tuesday, the 21st, we met with a new coach for baseball. We call him Coach D.
I was very specific about what we were looking for in a coach for Bennett and I think he will fill that (somewhat tall) order perfectly!
 Here they are practicing pop flies and throwing. Bennett had a BLAST! And in just one lesson his skill level AND his confidence level was soaring :)  How can you put a price on that??

On Saturday, the 25th, Bennett had another football practice. Brad and I hung out under the shady awning on the bleachers.
It was so hot. I told Bennett that I was hot and that I wasn't even doing anything. He said 'well, guess how I feel!' That was kinda my point, but he wasn't buying it. So, we went to get Roo cups and we all cooled off. 

We're looking forward to a great fall season - sports are starting up! Yippee!!