Friday, August 20, 2010

I know a boy lives here...

There are so many telltale signs that a boy lives in my house. How do I know?

The Clone Troopers tell me so. 
They are stationed all over the house. 
These are guarding the wii remote charger...

The legos creations are overtaking every table. 
These have found their home on my coffee table. 
It's only fair, I suppose, because before I got this table, the centerpiece of the living room was a train table...

The X-Wing fighters (and other fast Star Wars vehicles) find shelter under my coffee table. 
I feel safe knowing that there is always a quick get-away.

Blaster guns can be found anywhere you turn. Computers are a great resting place.

Rewards for learning math facts are quite elaborate, often requiring weeks of building. 
This Death Star is the ultimate reward - offered by Daddy (Mommy was just offering a regular lego set). 

Unfortunately, the arrival of the Death Star, meant the loss of my dining room table. 
No flat surface is safe, I have learned...

These little guys all have names. These are Han and Luke. They are very important. 
I know that, because my boy tells me so. 
Every day. 
Sometimes many times a day :)

Lightsabers are even more plentiful than blaster guns. 
Did you know that each lightsaber handle (hilt, for purists) is different according to it's owner (and the age of the owner sometimes). 
I know that because I have a boy that lives in my house. 
I should know whose saber this is, but I don't. 
My boy would be disappointed in me.
Shock troopers guard my fire place. 
They make sure that no one turns it on during these extra hot summer months. 
Also, they make sure that Anakin, seen in the background here, can conduct his business in peace.

Finally, I know a boy lives here because Yoda offers wise council to the troopers. 
Safe, I feel, knowing he is near.

As I looked around the house earlier this week, I became a little antsy about all of the 'boy stuff' that is covering my house. I started to clean it up, and made some progress getting little pieces into boxes and bags. I started to think about how nice it would be to have my living and dining rooms back (and kitchen and bathrooms too!). 

Then I realized that if I take all of these toys - these reminders of my boy - upstairs to his room, he'll leave the living room or dining room and play upstairs. I already don't see him enough, I think. So, I'll let the toys stay. If you come over, you might have to move a few things to make room. I hope you don't mind... It's just proof that a boy lives here. 
I'm so thankful that he does.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The times, they are a changin'

When did this happen? I could have sworn that it was just yesterday that I was freaked out about my baby going to kindergarten... now, he's a big 2nd grader.

Kindergarten...............................2nd grade

Each new school year brings so many changes! Yes, I know that these changes are primarily Bennett's changes. A new teacher, new classroom, new schedule, new friends, new things to learn, new adventures. But, there are new things for me too - and I've learned over the years how hard change can be for me! Anybody who knows me, knows that I like things just a certain way. A routine is my friend. Sometimes my best friend.

I've been working on being more flexible. It sounds funny to say that... working on being flexible. But, that's what it is. It's so hard! This summer could be called 'The Summer of Little Plans' and it was great! It was an experiment to see if I could do it. Could we just do whatever each day? Would I feel guilty about staying home and letting Bennett play by himself? Would he be miserable without having his day scheduled 100% of the time?

Guess what?? It was a great summer! We did have days with plans (swimming, library, shopping) but for the most part, it was just me and my boy. It was fabulous! We weren't in a hurry to get out of our pajamas. We took time to read together on the couch in the afternoon. I limited his TV watching time and he played with his Star Wars figures and Legos. We played games. It was great.

I loved having Bennett home this summer. I remember, back in the olden days, when he was in pre-school, that I would count the days until Mother's Day Out started back. It was so hard, trying to keep him occupied and out of trouble. Now, though, we just enjoy each other. He's more content. Probably because I'm more content.

And now, he's gone back to school. And I am readjusting to life without him from 8 to 3. Don't get me wrong... he loves school and I'm thrilled that he's there. And yes, I do enjoy having a little time in my day that I don't have to talk about Star Wars. But, it's a big adjustment deciding what to do with my time. Tomorrow I'm going back to the gym and then I'll be a library volunteer in the afternoon.  And the rest of the week... well, it's full!! Blink. and it's full. And that seems kinda strange.

Maybe I'm making a little progress...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's go to 2nd grade!!

Summer is over???!?!?
When did that happen??
Hello, new school year!! We're moving up to 2nd grade!
Here are our annual 'First Day of School on the stairway' pictures.

He's so handsome!!!

Don't you like that outfit? I get to pick out his clothes on the first day. Only. That's the deal we've negotiated. Oh, and picture days :)

Bye mom!!

Seriously, mom... did you just scream at me to turn around and wave? AGAIN? Well, ok...

Yea! The first day of 2nd grade is over!!

Last night, I conducted a little impromptu interview about what Bennett thought 2nd grade would be like. We had a great 'Meet the Teacher' time earlier in the day, so I was thinking that he'd have lots of hopes and dreams about the upcoming year.
Me: What do you think will be the best part of 2nd grade?
Bennett: Coming home.
Me: Really? What about during the day?
Bennett: Recess. Oh, and lunch.

Now, I know that he really enjoys school. He's a good student and doesn't (knock on wood) get into trouble. Ever. So, why the overly excited attitude about school??? I have to conclude that it must be because we had such a wonderful summer, right? Well, that, and the fact that I'm so much fun in general. And I like to shop...

As we pulled out of the school, I asked him how his first day went. 'Great!' he said. 'The best part was the morning - we had snack and went to recess!!' he exclaimed. But then, I got more details. He told me about the Berenstain story that they read, the math worksheet, the class picture, lunch, and PE. He told me about how he sat next to his special needs friend and how she laid down on him. He told me about the crown that he made and his snack mat with the picture of him and Sadie (and 2 Star Wars scenes, of course!) He also told me about how one of the students (a girl) in his class needed a bandaid and he was relieved that she didn't get one of the Star Wars bandaids. Whew. :)

So, while he tried to tell me that he's not 'into' school, I think he had a pretty good day. I'm praying for him - as I drop him off at school, each and every time that I think of him during the day (which today was about once every 5 minutes :), and as I tuck him into bed.

And me, well, I didn't cry when I dropped him off this morning, so I count that as progress.