Sunday, December 30, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 51

December 16 - 22

December is just whizzing by...

 On Sunday, Bennett got to acolyte with his good friend Cole. I'm not supposed to take pictures during the service, so please don't tell anyone :) 
He was super excited to get to wear the white robe!!

 Also on Sunday we went out to eat with Evie (and Gigi and Bubba too, of course!!) Going out to lunch with them is one of the highlights of our week! Cousin love...

 On Monday, the 17th, Brad was post-call so after school we surprised Bennett by taking him to the movies. Nana came along too! The movie was great!!

 After putting Bennett to bed on Monday night, I couldn't find Brad anywhere. Finally, I looked out the kitchen window only to find him bundled up outside on the patio, studying for his upcoming test while on the look-out for deer. It just  makes me laugh. Sadly, he's not seen any deer yet :(

 On Tuesday, Poodle (Bennett's elf) left him a fleece blanket for us to make. It was a fun project!
 Even daddy got in on the project!

 On Wednesday, Bennett and I ventured to the $ store to purchase a gift for the gift swap for his school party. After much debate, he picked a bag of cookies 'n cream santa candies. He hopes to bring it home with him after the swap!!

 The 20th was a sporty day... We started off with Coach D (a GREAT lesson!!)
 and ended up with a little basketball practice.

 On Friday, it was party day! The party started at 9:30 and Bennett was so excited because both Brad and I could attend. This is the first year that Brad has ever been able to attend! FUN!

 Bennett drew #14 in the 'Dirty Santa' game, so it was a pretty good chance that he'd get a good gift. Here he is hiding his cookies 'n cream santas behind his back...
and it worked! He brought those bad boys home with him ;)
It was a super fun party and we were heading home by 11. Bennett went to spend the night with Nana and Brad and I went to see the Hobbit. It was a fun date afternoon.

On Saturday, Nana gave Bennett a lesson in how to make her famous yeast rolls. I'm really hoping that he gets good at it ;) 
She reports that he is a great helper...

Santa is coming soon!! Hope you've been good!

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