Sunday, April 18, 2010

March Top 10

March was a great month!! Here's a quick run-down of the highlights (in chronological order, in case you are wondering :)

1. BASEBALL!!!!!! Wow! Baseball started and really took off! This was our first Spring Season (not to be confused with the low-key Fall Season...) and it has been quite an experience! We're having a blast... and we're getting used to our 2nd home - the ball field ;)
Of all the numbers, Bennett chose #23. Why? He just liked it...

This was at the first game of the season - that smile is not a 'normal' smile... We're still working in the 'camera' smile. Maybe one day...

2.We got a DS!! Well, we actually got 2!! (one for me and one for Bennett :) It was Bennett's big birthday present, but since we were going on a road trip, we decided to give him the option of opening a present early. His response? 'I'm always up for opening presents!!'

Here he is sporting the super cool bag that holds both systems and accessories.

3. Spring Break -I'm not sure why, but when Bennett was in preschool, I dreaded school breaks. Now, I LOVE them! I couldn't wait for Spring Break this year - and neither could Bennett! The grandparents wanted some time with him, so I got a couple of bonus days. Then we left on Wednesday for a little mommy-son road trip. We drove over to Atlanta and went to World of Coke. We both really enjoyed it. Bennett's favorite part? The tasting room, of course (ok, it was my favorite part too!!)

We also got to spend a little time with Chan, Rowan, and Shawn. So good to see them again! Bennett was so excited to meet Rowan that he bought her a glow worm with is own money. He's so kind - it amazes me sometimes... Oh, and Rowan is the cutest thing I've seen (since Bennett, of course :)

Bennett and I spent the night in a hotel - the first time we've done with sans Brad. We had a good time picking the 'best' one and snuggling in (with our DS's). I'm so glad that he still enjoys spending time with me!

4. Road Trip Destination - Our friends moved a few weeks ago, but they can't get rid of us that easily!! We got to their house on Thursday (Brad arrived via one-way flight) on Friday. We had a great time visiting, organizing, eating, shopping, and refereeing the kids.
Bennett doesn't quite know what to do with these red-headed girls sometimes...

give him a few years, and I'm sure he'll be much more willing to put up with their attention :)

5. Bennett dreams big...
'I want to go to Carasant becos I could be a jedi!
He wants to go to Coruscant (a Star Wars place) so he can become a Jedi... hmmm :)

6. Me and him. Somehow I got Bennett to wear a shirt that sort of matched mine to church one Sunday. I insisted on getting a picture... he wasn't thrilled, as you can imagine.

But look... it's an almost-genuine smile!!
Oh, and can you guess where I got my cardigan?

7.Fridays are always a treat - it's the day that Bennett bring home all of his school work from the week prior (or when he digs things out of his desk and decides to bring them home...)

This vocabulary assignment had him focus on the word 'ponder'. He wrote that 'ponder' reminds him of 'when Merry (Mary) pondered Jesus. I think that it is so great that Bible stories are always on his mind. He's written several times about about Jesus and God at school. I'm so thankful.
8. Birthday planning. We spent a LOT of time planning Bennett's birthday party. We found the greatest invitations on e*bay and when they came Bennett insisted that he wanted to address them all himself. I was shocked - this coming from the kid who doesn't want to spend 2 minutes writing his spelling words!! He did a great job!

9. AND 10. Baseball... Baseball has been a constant in our lives since it started at the end of February. We've yet to win a game, but I sure am getting good at cheering :)

Bennett just loves being out there. Winning would be nice - but he's always got a smile on his face.

(He was safe!)

March was a great month... I'm counting my blessings. How about you?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Especially for Gigi

On the way to Utah, Bennett was very upset by a little girl who sat in front of us on one of our flights. So upset, he was, that he journaled about it in his Share Journal at school:

It says: One Thursday morning me and mom droped (dropped) Sadie off at the vet. Then we picked up Gigi. Then we went to the airport. We got on the plane. A super-annoying girl sat in front of us. She stuck a neked Kin doll in my face! She tried grabing me too. She stuck a pen-cyl in front of me. I graded (grabbed) it! She said "Like my pen-cyl big boy..."

He was so upset about this little girl, that he talked about it several times on the trip, and 2 weeks later, he thought enough of it to journal about it. I didn't get this gem home from school until a week or 2 later. I asked him about it and he was still upset about the whole incident :)

This post is especially for Gigi, who witnessed the whole unfortunate event...