Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 37

Sept 9 - 15

Hooray for Fall Baseball!! 
Our first game was on Sunday, the 9th, and Bennett was an All Star player!
He was up to bat first...

 He made the first run of the season!! Yea!!
Look at the smile :)

Remember when he said that he wanted to catch? 
Well, he got to! And he did great!

Aaaaannnnddd... he made the last run of the game too! Way to go!
Our coach doesn't give game balls, but I'm sure that if he did, Bennett would have gotten it :)  What a fun game! (oh, and we won!)

On Saturday, the 15th, Bennett had his 2nd football game.
 He ran around a bunch.

Evie came to cheer. 
And she checked out a ladybug (Gigi thought it was gross :).

Bennett got to quarterback a couple of times.

AND THEN... he threw a touch down pass at the very end of the game to his best buddy!

Cheers all around!
We didn't win, but there certainly was a bunch of celebrating going on!!

We are really enjoying our Fall. School is going great and Bennett is really enjoying his activities. And I'm enjoying keeping up with him!! 
Fun times!