Thursday, December 29, 2011

Project Life Dec 1-15

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!! It's true! Sure, it is busy, but it is so fun! We (at least Bennett and I) look forward to December and all of the excitement that it brings. Here's a look into what we've been up to this month...

December 1 - Well, December didn't start off quite as exciting as we had hoped... Bennett woke up Thursday morning with a sore throat, but was still heading out the door to school before I felt his forehead. Fever. Yikes! So, I called the doctor to get an appointment, cancelled all of my plans for the day, and we snuggled in. The verdict: strep :(  The good news is that within 24 hours, he'll be better - and the doctor ordered no school until Monday! :)

When Brad got home, Bennett couldn't wait for him to open his gift from the Holiday Shop. Giving gifts is so much fun! (Everyone else had to wait until Christmas morning!)

 Holding hands. My boys.

 December 2 - A day at home getting better... This is one of our nativities.  :)

 December 3 - Bennett got to be Joseph in a skit at church. I'm not sure who was more excited - me or him :)  He did a great job!

 December 3 pic 2 - After the skit at church, we met Evie to see Santa. Evie wasn't happy sitting in Santa's lap, but Bennett was ready to see him again! He was thrilled because Santa said that he was getting getting so grown up - Santa remembered him! :)

 December 4  - We made snow flakes! The favorite? The Auburn one, of course! We also made some really cool Star Wars ones too! This was our first year to make snow flakes and I think that both had a fun time.

 December 5 - Chilling out at the kitchen table doing homework. I love that kid.

 December 6 - Our tree has been up for weeks, but the angel has been missing! The tree just isn't complete without the angel, is it?

 December 6 pic 2 - Bookclub at my house! The book this time was Fortune's Rocks by Anita Shreve. Definitely a good discussion! We had chili, salad, and cobbler for dinner. I love these girls! 

 December 6 pic 3 - It's all in the details :)
Getting our cards ready... and loving that handsome boy on the stamp!

 December 7 - Our gift from Aunt Cork from the Cherry Republic arrived today! We always look forward to that box's arrival :)

 December 7 pic 2 - The wall is coming down! We've known that our retaining wall was going to have to be redone for years - so why not do it in December? Right in between my 2 parties at the house? Sure...

 December 8 - Look at those blocks! We've been parking on the street because our driveway is occupied by big machines and piles of dirt. But at least that hill should stay where they put it this time!

December 9 - Bennett is OBSESSED with playing football. Look at that joy on his face :)

December 9 pic 2 - Bennett has been getting coupons from me each day of December in his lunchbox for fun things to do. Today's coupon was for a fort building session. Brad promptly climbed in there and fell right asleep :)

December 9 pic 3 - Date night for our Sunday School party! Thanks to Mooma and Poopa for watching Bennett :)

December 10 - Bennett's first basketball game... He is a totally different player this year! I think this will be a fun season!

 December 11 - Making Cookies at Nana's house is one of our favorite traditions and this year we got to teach Evie how to do it :)

 Bennett and Gigi

December 11 - Bennett made Santa cookies for him and for Evie to leave. He is so artistic and has so many wonderful ideas! Much better than the big cookies with 'To Santa' scratched on it like I used to do :)

 Works of art!

Me and my favorite boy. Love.

 December 12 - Bennett's letter to Santa this year. He asked Poodle to bring it to the North Pole again this year. Seems like he waited until the last minute this year - do you think Santa will be able to make everything in time?

 December 13 - I hosted our neighborhood Bunco this month. Such a fun group of ladies! Brad was on call, so Bennett hung out until the gift swap and then he got to come and join the fun :)

December 14 - I've been having terrible headaches, so I left my shift at the Foundry Dental clinic early to go get a CAT scan. Not the most pleasant experience, but the good news came quickly - no abnormalities in my brain! (now all of my craziness can't be blamed on anything! :) The diagnosis... TMJ. hmmmm.

 December 14  picture 2 - Look at this pile of Christmas cards that we received in the mail today!!! The cards that we receive from friends and family are one of the things I look most forward to each day!

December 15 - Angie and I hosted our annual Christmas party at her house. It is the best party (in my opinion :)  We have so much fun planning it together! 

Stay tuned for the last half of December... next week! Can you beleive 2012 is almost here?? Wow!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Project Life November 16-30

November is over. Wow. Here's the last half of our Project Life for November... then on to December! :)

 November 17 - Bennett's first basketball practice. He had a blast!

Today I am thankful for medical advancements - like flu shots! :)  I checked Bennett out of school early and we went to get flu shots. No, he didn't like it. (as a matter of fact, if you ask him about it today, you'll probably get a big bad story about the whole ordeal!) But, I am thankful that we have access to such wonderful medical care!

 November 16 - Bennett got to read to his former 2nd grade teacher's class. He picked out several books and was SO excited to be their mystery reader!

Today I am thankful for Bennett's teachers. Each year, his teacher has been EXACTLY what he has needed. I praise God for that! They have each nurtured him and cared for him during the school hours - which, let's face it, are a big chunk of his day! - and have helped mold him into the creative, inquisitive little man that he is.

 November 18 - We put up our Christmas tree!! Brad was post-call today, so we decided to go ahead and put it up. Brad does all of the heavy lifting work (thank you!!) and then we all work together to decorate it. Bennett helped again this year... and when you look at the tree, you will probably notice some interesting placements. But I'm not moving a thing! I love it just the way it is (all clumped together :)

Today I'm thankful that I enjoy being around my husband and son! We are all very compatible and get along well at this stage in our lives. It hasn't always been easy, but right now we are at a very great place together.

 November 19 - Bubba took Bennett to his first Auburn game!! Talk about a GREAT time! Wow.

 November 19 (pic2) - Brad and I went to see Chris Tomlin in concert! I bought Brad tickets a long time ago (for his birthday) and we had a great time! Such a blessing to lift praises to God with a whole arena full of people!

Today I'm thankful for Jesus and all of the grace that He shows me every day. There's nothing I could ever do to deserve such favor.

 November 20 - This afternoon we went to the park for a little while. Bennett is so big now - climbing on the outside of these tunnels used to be something he wished he could do... now it is so easy for him!

Today I'm thankful for my mom. She is always excited to keep Bennett and they have a really good time together. Sometimes I ruin their fun by showing up too early to pick him up :)

 November 21 - Bennett had a baseball lesson after school. He's really gaining a lot of skill with his hitting!

Today I'm thankful for our house. It is so cozy and comfortable. Yes, it is messy sometimes, but it is our mess, so that makes it ok :)

 November 22 - We celebrated Brad's birthday tonight with his parents (the real day is the 23rd). He asked for a homemade cake, so that's what he got :) We had a good time celebrating him.

Today I'm so thankful for Brad. He is a wonderful husband and puts up with all of my quirks without too much fuss. He kills all the bugs without question. He does laundry sometimes (and even folds it!). He's almost figured out the laundry sorting system (after 12 years :). He hauls the garbage cans up and down the hill. He is a great cook. He's not afraid to dream a little... and he includes me in those dreams. I'm very thankful for him!

 November 23 - We made rice crispy turkeys this year! I have to say, they turned out great! (even though they didn't stay together all that great).

 November 23 (pic#2) While Brad was working late, Bennett and I went out to eat at Shane's. He wanted to sit where he could see the sports on TV, so we ate at the bar. I was struck by how much he is changing! He loves sports - any kind! Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting at a bar with my 8 year old son watching sports on TV. But you know what? It was a wonderful evening.

Today I am thankful for each moment that I get to spend with Bennett. Sometimes I get caught up in the 'normalness' of it all. But I have to remind myself that the gems are found in the normal times. In the mom-can-we-sit-at-the-bar moments. Those are the times that we connect... and the times that I learn a little something in the process :)

 November 24 - Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful day at Gigi and Bubba's house! All of the family - all sides - came together for a really great meal and a relaxed day. It was one of the nicest Thanksgiving days I can remember in a long time!

Today I'm thankful that my family lives close to me. Yes, we are a small family, but we have a good time when we are together. It would be hard if we were spread apart from each other.

 November 25 - Brad's birthday present from Bennett was a gift certificate to go the movies. We had a great time together!

Today I'm thankful for the weather we've been having lately. I love the coolness in the air - and the fact that we can be comfortable in shorts or jeans! This is my favorite time of the year!

 November 26 - Bennett had a friend spend the night! They had SO much fun together - and I had fun listening to them... Boys can be so funny!

Today I'm thankful for the modern conveniences that we have - things like air conditioning (and heat!), washing machines, and dish washers. Even vacuum cleaners and magic erasers - they all make life so much easier! 

 November 27 - My car is trying to tell me something :) But look... 22,222 miles! I am always drawn to these numbers milestones!

Today I'm thankful for my dad - I called him about my 'low pressure' warning light and he told me just what I should do. (let's not mention the fact that I didn't really do what he told me to do - that's beside the point! :)  My dad knows just about everything - and he's definitely where I got my tech-savvy side...

 November 28 - Bennett's book order came in at school today! It's always such an exciting time - I love how absorbed he got into each book (especially the Guinness Book of Animal Records!)

Today I'm thankful that my headaches have gone away! I've been struggling with headaches for weeks now, and I've been headache-free since Thanksgiving! Yea!
(and when I have a headache, I'm thankful for medicine that helps!)

 November 29 - Bennett couldn't wait to help put up Santa's village this year! I love it that he wants to help me - it makes it all so much more special.

Today I'm thankful for my car (with the newly inflated tires!) It is so comfortable and gets us everywhere we need to go. My favorite feature? Hands-free calling :)

November 30 - Bennett got to shop at the Holiday Shop at school! It is always such a fun time - volunteering is always a blast!

Today I'm thankful for the Foundry Dental Clinic. I get to volunteer at the front desk a few times a month and it is always so much fun! I leave there feeling so fulfilled! Such a blessing to me!