Friday, October 21, 2011

How much scrapbooking can be done

in a 60 hour girls' weekend?

This many!! (please pardon the photography... I was just making do :)

38 pages!! That's more than I got done in all of 2010 :)
Thanks for looking...

Project Life Oct 1-15

 Oct 1 - While I was away on my girl's weekend, Brad and Bennett had a total boys' weekend, complete with an impromptu hunting trip. I received this picture while I was scrapbooking our Disney Star Wars weekend. I have to say that this picture really is worth a thousand words. I am 100% against guns and hunting (maybe that's why they went when I was gone??) But then, look at his face... he doesn't like the fact that he's holding this dead bird (he didn't shoot it!) Brad later reported that Bennett freaked out a little bit when he saw that he had blood on his hands... which makes me thankful that they won't be taking up hunting (and proves to me that sometimes I just have to let things play out and they will take care of themselves ;)

 Oct 2 - My scrappy friends :)

 Oct 2 - I missed Bennett's ballgame on Sunday afternoon, but they won! Way to go!

 Oct 3 - It's autumn! I got this cute little metal decoration today!

 Oct 4 - These mums were only $10 from a church that was selling them in the carpool line at school... sometimes getting there early has benefits...

Oct 5 - When we got our zoo magazine we read about the baby lions that were born in May - we didn't know that they were out and about! Nana and I surprised Bennett with a little early check-out and spent the afternoon at the zoo. Fun!

Oct 6 - Bennett helped me decorate this year and he spent extra time making sure all of the spiders were just right... I love that he created such symmetry (just like his mama likes it :)

 Oct 7 - Fall Break at Sandestin!! We arrived in time for dinner, playing on the playground, and ice cream. Love these boys.

 Oct 8 - Bennett humored me with a photo shoot on the beach and we almost missed the sunset... I'll post more of these pics soon (I promise!)

 Oct 9 - Playing Words with Friends on the balcony...

 Oct 9 - pic#2 There's the smile that I love :)

 Oct 10 - We had to go home today, but the boys made sure to get their nerf time in early!

 Oct 11 - The camera comes out and Sadie WILL NOT look at me. ha!
Look how grey she is getting... poor girl.

Oct 12 - This is my favorite house on the way to the Foundry Dental Center! There are so many statues in the yard... and can you imagine my delight when I found them decked out for Halloween!!!

Oct 13 - Oh! The acorns that have fallen at our house this year!!! Funny: When we were sitting on the couch tonight watching TV the acorns kept hitting the house, the chimney, the steps... making such noise! I made a comment about it and Bennett said 'Welcome to my life! That's what I hear all the time in my room!!!' Welcome to my life... that kid cracks me up!

 Oct 14 - Look what we got in the mail today! Courtesy of our Discover cash back program! And yes, most of them are already spent ;)

Oct 15 - Bennett made a goal in the soccer game!! Yippee!! 

The weather here is fabulous! Fall is my favorite time of year... Hope your October is fabulous too!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project Life Sept 16-30

It's hard to beleive, but I've made it through 9 months of photos every day (give or take a couple days :) I love this project! I've already thought of a couple of tweeks for this project for next year... I think we'll love looking back on this for years to come :)

Without further ado... here's the rest of September!
 Sept 16 - I had a great date at Menchies. They were donating a portion of their sales to our school, so we HAD to go :)

 Sept 17 - 2 pictures! Gigi got a new camera and we got to visit with Evie for a while!
I took some pictures of Evie for her 6 month birthday. Time is flying by!!

 My guy :)

 Sept 18 - Guess who got the game ball?? Yea Bennett!! He hit the ball so hard and ran so fast! Way to go!
 Sept 19 - At pratice Bennett got to pitch - the moment he'd been waiting for! It was so heartwarming to see him working so hard. Proud mommy moment :)

 Sept 20 - Never ending laundry... The dining room table looks like this at least once to week - it's just a question of how long it stays there sometimes!

 Sept 21 - 19,000 miles in 20 months. 

Sept 22 - no picture. Not sure why :)

 Sept 23 - a little shopping with mom at the outlets. It's Christmas shopping time!!

 Sept 24 - We won our soccer game! Way to go!

 Sept 25 - After the baseball game at the Intermediate school, Bennett couldn't wait to play on their playground!

 Sept 26 - My guys snuggling. or, Brad squashing Bennett!

 Sept 27- Bennett is brushing up on his pranks with his top secret prank book.

 Sept 28 - We love Coach Nick! He taught the kids agility for 3 months and we are so sad to see him move :(  We can thank him for Bennett's increased speed!

 Sept 29 - Girls' weekend at the beach!

Sept 30 - Scrapbooking the day (and night) away. So much fun!