Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project Life 2012 Week 6

February 11 was so busy... and I was out of town :)  
I had gone on a girls' scrapbooking weekend in Atlanta (Wednesday through Saturday) 

Saturday morning began with Bennett's final basketball game (they won!) 

Next, Saturday Bennett ran the Kids' Mercedes Marathon. This was his 4th year, and the first year that I didn't take him (Brad is usually on call), but they did just great!
 Aubie was waiting at the finish line!!

I got home around lunch and then we headed out to Bennett's first baseball practice for the season! Wow! He sure was active! He was always ready to go, go, go!

Here are a few of the layouts that I got done while away (I did 41 pages total!!) 

In case you are paying close attention, the date on this layout is wrong... It was really 2011! I have fixed it :)

I am so thankful for Brandi and Laci, my scrapbooking friends! We had so much fun holed up in a hotel room for the whole weekend! We barely left the room (once for lunch, once for dinner) had strange looks from housekeeping and the delivery guy (you doin' some arts and crafts in here?), and laughed ourselves silly. Not to mention, we were totally productive AND creative!

I'm also thankful for mom and Brad letting me get away. I know that not everyone understands the scrapbooking 'thing' but I'm glad that they let me go. I rested easy knowing that Bennett was well cared for (I honestly think that he was disappointed that I came back so soon :)