Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 5

Things returned to normal quickly after we got back from Orlando (but isn't it tough to get back to 'real life' sometimes??) and we looked forward to a weekend of basketball. Bennett's team (the Lakers) were having a great season with only one loss (which happened while we were away!!! Bennett can still consider himself undefeated :)

So, here are some pictures of the game on February 4...

Bennett is a defensive machine!! It is so strange to me to see him like this - a total 180 from the past 2 seasons! There is something odd about cheering for my child to be so tough :) The coaches even had to tell him at practice a few weeks ago to tone it down it a little!!

 A blurry celebration of a basket!

 He can dribble now!

 He shoots!

 Good job, man!

 He's got the ball AGAIN!

There really aren't words for how much Bennett has come into his own this season with basketball. Gone are the days of promising him a dollar just to attempt to shoot! He made his first basket(s) ever this year! He wasn't afraid to try to shoot and take the ball from one side of the court to the other. Wow! 

I think that his confidence on the court is just an extension of his confidence in general. He's learning more about himself and how he fits into teams and social situations. It's amazing to see him growing (still growing - by leaps and bounds it seems!). I'm continually thankful for the young man that he is becoming (even if it brings a little mommy-heartache along the way :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 4

Warning! This post has tons of pictures... but how can I do a post on our trip to Orlando without tons of pictures?? 

We weren't really planning another trip to Orlando, but Brad got an offer that he just couldn't refuse for of those 'try-our-vacation-club-for-cheap-and-sit-through-a-sales-pitch', so off we went!

We were 'bad' parents and took Bennett out of school for 3 days and went down January 27-31 - it was a GREAT time to go! Perfect weather, no lines. Just great!

So, on Friday we got there by early morning (thanks to that direct flight!) and headed straight to Hollywood Studios. Bennett really wanted to see Phineas and Ferb they didn't disappoint! 

A couple of times a day they do a little P&F show and we had a front row view! A director came out to start the show and looked at Brad and said 'Let's see... we need someone who is bald and has a blue and black jacket on with white stripes...' Bennett looked at Brad and said 'MY DAD!!! MY DAD HAS THOSE THINGS!!' :)  Priceless!
So here is King Wahini, King of the beach! 
Brad doesn't normally get into the 'acting-silly-in-front-of-crowds' thing, but he totally got into the show! 

 Bennett got to be the 'Lawn Gnome of Terror', so it was a family affair :) 
They did several other 'scenes' and Bennett got to be in all but one of them. It was so much fun watching him! He knew all of the shows that they were referencing!! 
And, lucky me - I got it on video! I'll keep those to myself for now :)

 Here are the boys waiting to ride Star Tours. Such a fun ride! This time we went to Hoth and Otto Gunga (Naboo) (which Bennett knew the name of, of course!)

We did all of the shows this time around at HS too, which we skipped during Star Wars weekend because the crowds were so crazy. It was a great day!

On Saturday we went to Discovery Cove and swam with the dolphins!!

This is Ige (pronounced Iggy)

 And kissed the dolphin! (This is Lester)

The warmest place to be was in the Wind Away River, so we spent a lot of time there! They had photographers all along the way, and we stopped every time! I loved it because I didn't have to have my camera with me :)

This picture is so funny to me! We look crazy - but we thought it would be cool to do an underwater shot. The 'look' on my face is hilarious!! Still, it is a cool shot!

And THIS is the result of a long day of swimming... passed out reading! Love it!

On Sunday we went to Legoland, which was about an hour away. Bennett could hardly wait! It was like a little glimpse of heaven for him ;)

These lego landscapes were so cool!

Everything was made from Legos!

Bennett got his driver's license which allowed him to drive a lego 'car' for about 3 minutes. We thought it could have lasted longer, but oh well. Honestly, most of Legoland  was a little underwhelming (is that a word??) for Brad and I, but Bennett LOVED it! And that's all that matters ;)

We ended the day with a class on programming lego robots. Very cool! Bennett programmed his medical robot and safely treated the heart. He even impressed the instructor with some extra knowledge he had gained from watching Fetch!

On Monday, after our 1 hour  3 hour sales presentation, we escaped and made our way to Sea World. I couldn't wait to see the whales and they didn't disappoint. 
Please note: in the splash zone, you WILL get wet. Soaked. Luckily, we were in the veeerrryy far end, so we really did just get splashed. Others, well, they were not so lucky :) 

We saw every show that they offered (they were all great, but don't ask Bennett about Alure - he wasn't a fan :)

Bennett fed the seals, which was SUPER cool. Except for those gross birds that kept stealing the fish right out of his hands. Gross. And scary! ha!
Look at the cute seal!

We came home on Tuesday after spending the morning in Downtown Disney - we had some money left on our Disney Reward card and told Bennett he could have it - 3 guesses what he bought... LEGOS!  We got back right before dinner on Tuesday and dashed home to get Sadie and unpack to get ready for the rest of the week. 
We had a great trip!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Life 2012 Week 3

A huge 'thanks!' to Brad for guest posting last week... it went a little something like this:
Brad: You need to update your blog
Me: I know... I keep thinking about it. You could do it.
Brad: Ok. 

And away he went... with poetry, no less! :) 
Just a little info on those pictures that he included:
1, 2, & 3)Bennett wearing the Perry the Platapus mask is so funny! Santa brought the P&F game for Christmas and we've really enjoyed playing it! You get to do all kinds of fun and silly things to make it all the way through summer vacation
4) Brad did a guest appearance in Bennett's class to teach about the body on 1.10.12 Bennett made Brad posters to use to illustrate some of the topics of discussion. The most discussed thing, however, was how Brad broke the teacher's chair :)  I also heard that he did a great job teaching them!
5) On the 14th we took Bennett and his friend to the Lego show downtown. The boys had a great time looking at all of the really cool creations. I think they were inspired to build even bigger and better things. Of course, what they really wanted to do was get to the shops and spend the $7 that was burning a hole in their pockets :)

Ok, now on to week 3

January 15 - Bennett has recently become obsessed with Ninjago. They have overtaken the kitchen and the living room...

On Sunday, the 22nd we celebrated Pa's birthday at Shane's. The picture right before this one resulted in squinty eyes. This is what I got when I told them to keep their eyes open - I guess Bennett comes by the 'shocked' look honestly :)

 We had cupcakes at home before we headed out to the Pinewood Derby.

Bennett, Brad, and Pa had spent quite a long time designing and crafting Bennett's car for the Pinewood Derby this year. You can probably guess, but Bennett's car is the Auburn one in the middle :)  He didn't do very well in the races - something about a wheel that was rubbing or sticking. He still did a great job (or should I say THEY did a great job :)!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

i've got a platypus controlling me...

(Otherwise titled: Project Life 2012, Week 2 written by guest blogger, Brad!!)
Take it away, Brad...


Well, I'll be honest, I don't really understand
How fast time's flying...my boy's becoming a man

Yet, in small moments, his boyness shines through
A pure sentiment, so transparent and true
An extra look up, a spontaneous kiss
A snuggle before bed, not a night to miss;
A grip, tight on my arm, as I leave for the day
A squeezing hug upon my return, as if to say
"Daddy, I love you."

I love you too, my little man
I love you so much, the best that I can
Whether playing games at the table
or teaching about bones
Throwing balls in the park
or sharing ice cream cones
It matters not, really, what we actually do
Just spending time together, spending it with you
Is all I could hope for...
Is all I can do

So I savor each moment
Like a blog in my mind
Snippets of memories transcending time,
Dreams to awake to and this I find:
That my son still loves me,
And waltzes me through
This dance...
This journey...
This day...
for which I'm thankful

So yes, my little platypus is controlling me
I live to share my life with him, my special Mini-Me
To make the moments count, and count the quantity
Not just seven minutes a day, but all eternity
For us to share, to live, to be
In God's forever family.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Life 2012 Week 1

Welcome to Project Life 2012, the '52' version! I've decided to change things up a little bit and focus on telling one or 2 stories a week, rather than capturing an image every day of the year. I really enjoyed 2011's picture-a-day, but to be honest, by the end of the year, my main model (who happens to be an 8 year old boy) was totally dodging the camera each time I brought it out. A little bit of burn-out along with the LOVE of documenting what's going on in our lives has led me to this new plan... let's see how it goes!!

January 1, 2012
We spent New Year's with the Wargo's in SC. On New Year's day we headed to the park to shoot of some really cool rockets that the girls and RT have. So much fun!

Bennett and Sydney got along so well this time (although Bennett would probably be quick to tell you that he doesn't enjoy being around girls. Of any kind. Except for me :) It's fun to see them growing up together.

 Blast off!!

 RT and Bennett getting the next rocket ready for the skies.

 Happy 2012!!

 Jungle gym fun :)

January 6, 7, & 8, 2012
 On Friday, Brad's parents took us out to eat to celebrate my birthday (which is the 8th). We met them at Shayne's for a delicious dinner and some shopping at the Dollar Store afterwards. Bennett surprised us all at the check out when he told the clerk that she could keep all of his change. Sweet boy.

 On Saturday we had a basketball game and Bennett was on fire! He got a basket!! 
Whoo hoo!!

 Sorry for the blur, but they are moving SO fast! :)

After each game, each player gets a star for their performance. It is a favorite time for each of the boys. I think Bennett got best Defense this game.

Saturday night we had dinner at mom's (ham and her famous mac and cheese!) And cookies cake of course! Yum!

 January 8, 2012. Good-bye 36, hello 37! What better way to start the day than with breakfast (and presents!) in bed?

 After church we all met at Mt. Fuji for lunch. Evie didn't know quite what to think about the flaming hibachi :) 


 My boy. He loves me no matter how old I get. By the way, he doesn't appreciate someone saying that they are old. Or that someone else is old. Don't try it. It will really get him going :)

 Bennett surprised me with a crystal tree kit from the $ store. One of my favorite little treats :)