Saturday, May 14, 2011

Project Life April 16-30 plus I found it!!

Here it is! The rest of April (and it's almost time for the first half of May! Whoa!)

Remember that last post... with the lost pictures?? I found one! It's April 12!!
Bennett wrote his own birthday 'thank you' notes again this year - this time in cursive! He LOVES writing in cursive! We had a few heated discussions about how many sentences make up a 'good' note... I lost. I love how he signed this one. It says 'truly, Bennett' :)

On the 16th we dyed Easter Eggs!

 Our favorite eggs were the ones that looked like robins' eggs...

 Nana provided all the supplies (including the eggs! :) Our favorite eggs were the ones that looked like robins' eggs...

 April 17 - Palm Sunday. I'm surprised those palm branches had any leaves on them by the time they got down the aisle :)  The kids did a great job singing.

 April 18 - Our weeknight baseball game. Bennett played great :)

 We made treats for Bennett's class on the 19th. 
He thought of these catchy little sayings for the cards :)

 April 20 - Dinner at Moe's before church. Gotta love the cookie!
(Can you tell he's not that into getting his picture taken for this project???)

 April 20 - A backpack gem today! It is titled 'Winter's Last Roar'. It says 'I am happy Spring is here because Evie is coming! Oh, so is my birthday. Spring Break is just around the corner! So is the Resurrection of Christ (Easter)! I am sad because STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS season 3 Finale is coming soon on April 1st. I have more ways that I am happy! It is baseball season now. It is finally here. I can play outside too. I love Spring.
Love it!

 April 22 - We got 2 new bunnies for our Easter decorations.

 April 23 - We attended Church of the Highlands' Riverchase Campus for their evening Easter service.

 Happy Easter!!

 April 25 - Bennett had THE BEST PRACTICE EVER!!!! tonight. I haven't seen him so happy after a practice for a long time. Maybe ever. I love his enthusiasm :)

April 26 - Evie came over for a visit while Ang got her haircut. 
We chatted about girl things.

 April 26 (pic 2) - Bennett wanted new shoes. 
He wanted them so much that he was willing to get 'tie' shoes AND pay part of the price. We ended up going with the one on the left :)

April 27 - Terrible weather all day long. 

 April 28 - Look what was in the paper!! 
That's our patio there right above the phone number.

 April 29 - Bennett's class' Fun Friday activity was creating care packages for people displaced by the terrible tornadoes that hit our state. It was a great way for the kids to help; they made handmade cards too.

 April 30 - Star Wars night at the Barons'. 

 I'm not sure why my face looks so odd on this picture, but the boys look great! We had a fun night, even though the game was a little slow :)

I hope your April was fabulous! I'll have May up in a few days - more or less!