Friday, February 11, 2011

Project Life January 29-February 9

 Bennett was on fire on the basketball court! He played so hard - it is so much fun watching him! He never scored, but he sure did try his best :)

 January 30 marked my 30th consecutive day of my Paul Bible Study that Tonya gave me for Christmas. I love that I've stuck with it - and I love what God is teaching me about his servant Paul.

 Last Thursday night, at the Cub Scouts bird night, we made bird feeders. We didn't put it out until Sunday, and it sat untouched for the whole day (well, except for the licks that Sadie gave it when we weren't looking :)  Early Monday morning, this little guy found the feeder. Within about 3 minutes, he pulled it up on the banister, then took off with it into the forest. We laughed about the party that he must have hosted back at his house!

On the 1st we had our 2nd God and Me class. We learned about how Jesus' birth was alike and different from ours. Bennett loves to participate by drawing and answering questions :)

On Wednesday, Angie, Mom and I went to At Home and I spent my Living Social coupon. Love my new goodies for my undecorated shelves!  
One funny story - At the God and Me class last night Bennett and the little boy across from us got to talking about how there wasn't any room in the hospital, so Jesus was born in the stable. I explained that there were no hospitals back then, and they promptly wanted to know just HOW did Jesus get out of Mary's stomach. The other dad and I quickly and gracefully (ha!) said that we would talk about that later... 

Fast forward to this afternoon. I knew that I needed to tell him the 'non-c-section' way that babies were born, so I asked him if he wanted to know. He said 'yes' and so I quite simply and succinctly explained the process. He sat there a minute, and then turned to me and said 'So, how'd you figure that out?' I said 'Well, I just knew it'. His reply: 'So, you just didn't want to talk about it in public?' HA! Such a smartie.  I also love that this conversation tells me that he trusts me to tell him things. I mean, he assumed that I didn't tell him because I didn't know. I hope that we can always keep that kind of communication open!

 Ahhh. a night at home. Those are so rare these days!!

 The only thing on the agenda for Thursday night was pajamas and snuggles. Love it!

 On Friday, Brad and I made a quick trip to Atlanta to IKEA. I had big plans to take pictures, but this is all I took. It was a very successful trip!!

Saturday was another basketball morning, and then we had a birthday party in the late afternoon for Lewis. Bennett drove me around the go-cart track. I screamed the whole way... but I didn't grab the wheel. I had visions of 8 years from now ;)

The IKEA shelves!! They're not close to being done yet, but look at those legos! My dining room table it looking better too! 

 The note I put in Bennett's lunchbox. He always saved them, which I love! I know that one day  notes in his lunchbox won't be cool. I'm cherishing these days.

 When I returned from errands, Sadie had terrorized the house by pulling Bennett's lapdesk and all its contents onto the floor. She also got into the garbage. Bad dog! Can you see the guilt on her face? Yeah, me neither.

I love getting a gem like this in the school folder. Bennett wrote me this sweet (and funny) valentine. Love it!

In case you can't read it, it says:
Dear Mom,
You are soooooooooo awesome! I love you very much! You should know how awesome you are! You deserve a better reward that cleaning dog slobber! :) Dog slobber is a terrible reward for such a GREAT Mom. You are very, very, very, very nice. You should be proud of yourself. You are a great person.
Hope you are having a great week too! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project Life January 21-28

 Pa's birthday was on Thursday, but we got to celebrate on Friday at LaPaz. Lucky for us, Pa wore his new cold-weather hat. Shockingly, he was the only one in the restaurant this hat :) Love you dad!!

Saturday was an exciting day! We started with a basketball game (we won!), had lunch at Tazikis and then went to the Pinewood Derby. Bennett's car won the Racer's Choice! He was SO proud. (I was too!)

 Me and my boy after church. He's showing off his lego creation ;)

 Bennett had a dentist appointment Monday afternoon... he got his last spacer removed AND had no cavities! Yea!
Look how big he is... I remember his first visit to the dentist when he couldn't even get on that chair by himself. He still likes the videos that they show on that little screen on the ceiling ;)

 The 100th day of school was Tuesday! The best pictures for this day are of Bennett and his square dancing partner (I won't post those since I don't know her mom)... He danced with her for weeks and never knew her name. I introduced myself to her on Tuesday - and she is a doll!! (I think Bennett *might* like her a little too ;)

 Yes this is my house. No it is not clean.
In fact, no flat surface is safe. There. I said it. 

At Cub Scouts we climbed prayer mountain to 'listen for birds'. At night. In the cold. Brad was 'busy' at work. Have I mentioned that Cub Scout nights are my favorites?

On Friday, Nana was the Mystery Reader in Bennett's class. I'm not sure how, but we kept it a secret and Bennett was really surprised :)

Brad and I had a date night on Friday night! We saw 'The Kings Speech' (fabulous!) and had a great dinner at Stone's Throw. I'm thankful that we still like each other ;)