Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Pros and Cons...

I've been reminded lately that with every pro, there is usually a con. Take, for instance, Bennett's love of drawing and writing... This time last year, as we were just getting started in kindergarten, Bennett would barely consent to holding a pencil or marker in his hand, much less enjoy it. Each time a paper came home with something that I could recognize, I saved it, wrote the date on it, and hoped that one day he might be able to draw a person with not only arms and legs, but also all of the features of the face.

Well, once his interest was sparked, in typical Bennett fashion, he took off. He started drawing. All the time. This is definitely a pro - I love to see his creativity in action!

He's drawing constantly. Really. It is so strange to me, but now he asks to draw in between tasks. I love it! Here is a picture of his drawing desk...

And here, you can see that the sides of the desk are filled with pictures as well:

His favorite subjects? Star Wars, of course. Sometimes I get a Scooby Doo or a Charlie Brown. And, every once in a while, I get a family portrait... the problem? Well, sometimes, he draws very realistically:
See how tall and skinny Brad is? Very true. See me? Although I am obviously very happy in the picture (I am jumping up and celebrating), I am noticeably, well, let's just say I'm wider :) I'd count this as a 'con'.

Let's turn to his prolific writing... He can write and read just about anything now. His interest in this was just like drawing - it came over night and seemed to take on a life of it's own. Suddenly he was reading signs all over the place (pro) - and we couldn't spell things in secret any more (con)!

Another 'pro' is that things are clearly labeled in our house:
I've explained several times that 'EXIT' has an 'I', but he continues to tell me that that's not how it's done where he sees it. Interesting.

But, the biggest 'con' to this writing ability came to me very early on Sunday morning. Bennett got up before the agreed time (5:32 to be exact - a full hour before the agreed upon time) and I told him that he could lay on the floor (we've made him a pallet on the floor for these frequent occasions). He continued to talk to me - 'What time is it?' 'Can I get in the bed with you?' 'Is daddy here?' 'Can you feel my loose tooth?' 'When will our Halloween costumes get here?'. I finally responded with 'You are making me angry. Please be quiet' or something along those lines and he got quiet. I awoke a few minutes later to find this note on our bed:
In case you can't read it, it says "Dear mommy and daddy I have decidid to stay in my room all day becos noone loves me any more. Your Son Bennett Ray Steenwyk"

Definitely a 'con'.

Just in case you were wondering - he came out of his room about 10 minutes later to make sure we had seen the note. He didn't return to his room.

Oh, and he knows that we love him very much! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall ball

So, Bennett decided that instead of playing soccer this Fall, he'd like to give baseball a try. Since we are committed to Tae Kwon Do, there was no way that we could sign up for 3 sports, so we've given soccer a break, went on a shopping spree at a local sporting goods store, and headed across the street to the ball fields.

Keep in mind that the last time Bennett had a bat in his hand, which was about 2 years ago, this picture allowed me to create a scrapbook page titled 'shiner'...

Anyway, he has been SO excited about playing baseball. I've been assured by my well-intentioned friends that Fall Ball is laid back and so much fun... I bought in, and we signed up.

Well, fast forward through 3 practices (one missed because of some mystery illness last week, and 2 others that had me cringing as the ball kept whizzing past the bat - oh, but he swings with all his might!!)... and you come to today. The first game of the season.

He got dressed and looked SO CUTE! He was ready to play. He felt no pressure at all. He never does. I feel it... he doesn't. I breathed a sigh of relief when the first one on our team struck out. At least Bennett wouldn't be the first to strike out...

He got up to bat. Look at that stance...

The coach pitched the first ball...
and he hit it!! Look up there at that picture!!! HE HIT IT!!!

And he ran like the wind for first base!! (I have pictures of each base, but I will spare you :) He ran to second with the next batter - then stole third!!

And here he is... a sort-of-slide into home!! He made a run!! (is that what you call it?? :)

And you know what??? He did that SAME EXACT THING the next time that he got up to bat!! I'm tearing up as I type this!! HE DID IT!!

Look how proud he is!!
And, then, at the end of the game, Coach Mark called the boys together and talked about how each boy did such a great job. He got the game ball out - and gave it to Bennett!! I was so proud! My heart was so happy for my little boy.

This whole game has really got me thinking... I went into that game just hoping that he wouldn't be too discouraged when he struck out. After all, he really didn't hit the ball many times in practice. I had heard about how they were playing with only 3 strikes. How will he do it?? I left that game beaming with pride for my little boy. I am just so happy that he is happy...

Being a mom is such a great job -and a position that God uses to teach with over and over!! I can honestly say that I am amazed each and every day!! Yes, there are some days when I'm complaining about being stuck at home with a child who is 'sick'. Or I'm wondering if my oh-so-talkative 6 year old to could please not talk non-stop for just 1 minute. But those aren't really complaints - they are just me thinking about me and what I want. Most days I'm just so thankful that God has given me this little boy. The little boy that never ceases to amaze me. And proves to me that I need to stop thinking that I already know what is going to happen and just wait and see. Wait and see that the LORD is good!!