Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project Life April 1-15

I know, I know... I'm late with these pictures! The truth is that I have had these done and ready to post, but I was missing 2 days and it was driving me crazy. I'm not sure what happened on those 2 days - why didn't I take a picture? The perfectionist in me just didn't want to have a missing day - or 2!! 

Anyway, I found one day (on my phone!)... and the other day, well, that's life, right??  Sometimes you just don't get it done, but life goes on. Thank goodness for second chances, right? :)

So, here's the first half of our April...

 April Fools!! No one got fooled today and we celebrated at Chick-fil-@.  Bennett had several ELABORATE pranks in mind, but I just wasn't motivated enough to drain the gas from Brad's vehicle, so we just talked about it :) HA!

 On the 2nd, the Red Sox played the Yankees. The Yankees won, but Bennett said that it was ok, since we lost to his best friend :)

 Birthday party time!! We celebrated Bennett's 8th birthday at the bowling alley. It was great! He had 10 friends and the alley did all the work (except for the cupcakes that I made :) The best part... seeing him so happy!

 After the bowling party, we had the family over for dinner and cookie cake. The meal? A Z@xby's nibbler platter!! Since the moment we saw the platter advertised, he's wanted one, so his birthday was the perfect chance. YUM! 

 The REAL day! April 4 - Bennett's day! This day is filled with '8 years ago...' memories for all of us :)  Eight years ago we the best day ever!
We celebrated all day long! I brought bagels for his class' snack... look at his face while they sang to him!

April 5 - bath time!

 April 6 - working on legos (the most popular (and appropriate!!) birthday gift!)
(By the way - the last lego was completed on the 19th!)

BOOSTERTHON!! We love Boosterthon's Funrun! I know it's cheesy, but I get a little teary when they start running and having so much fun! Bennett ran all 35 laps this year (plus 5!)

 Hanging out. Bennett loves the zoom feature of the camera... we're just lucky that we got most of Brad's head :)

 We've had a tough season, but Bennett's had a great time! He's hitting well, and making it around the bases as often as he can! Here he is on 3rd base :)

12 years. He's put up with me for 12 years :)  We celebrated with a wonderful dinner at Flemmings.  

 April 11. A meal at home, which is rare these days... I set the camera up and said 'ok, just ignore the camera and act normal'. Bennett couldn't stand it! This picture makes me laugh :)

April 12 - hmmm. What did we do that day and night? Not sure :) In my book I'll include a note about our lenten promise of no tv after 5 PM.

 He's safe!!!
He loves to tell me that I'll need to wash his pants because he had to slide :)

 April 14 - Brad and I taught the cub scouts tonight about marbles. Did you know we were marble experts? No? You can learn a lot from the internet... plenty to pass on to 8 year olds :)

 April 15 was a CRAZY day! I was the Mystery Reader, but bad weather was approaching, so school got out early. The class had an early lunch, I activated the emergency calling tree for the parents, and we squeezed in a few books at the end. Bennett wanted to read :)

April is an important month for our family! April always brings a smile and many fond memories :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Life March 21- 31

Wow! How can March be over all ready?? 2011 is flying by!! Here is the rest of our month in pictures :)

We had one extra day for Spring Break, so we headed out to TRU to look for a few new action figures that Bennett has been looking for. They didn't have them. Bennett, while *trying* to find something that he could buy said 'The only problem is that I have all of this already.' That's a problem, all right :) 

 He made a good choice and decided not to spend his money at TRU, so we went to Build-a-bear and made 'Darth Bear'. Cute :)

 Our backyard makeover is complete! They started on the 11th and got finished on the 22nd. We love it!

 On the 23rd I finished up my medication for the shingles (which I got over Spring Break :( I'm so glad that we caught it early - I've heard terrible stories about how bad it can be!

 On the 24th Bennett got a haircut and we went out to eat. Here he is showing off his cheeto lips :)

March 25- no picture, but I'll include Bennett's report card which was perfect!

 Our 2nd baseball game - and we were killed! Yikes. Bennett had fun playing :)

 We visited Evie (and Gigi and Bubba!) after church. Bennett gave Evie her birthday party invitation too!

 Bennett lost another tooth! (the right incisor!)

 On the 29th I got to spend the morning snuggling Evie...

 and the afternoon at the Boosterthon pep rally. It was SO much fun - they are really a great team to work with. The kids LOVE it! I love this picture because it says so much about Bennett (he's in the orange shirt, sitting down). You see, the Boosterthon guys asked all of the children to sit on their bottoms. No one could keep it on the floor... except for Bennett. He follows the rules. Even if it means that he can't see what's going on. I love him! (Don't worry - he had plenty of fun! :)

This little gem came home in the red folder on the 30th. Hilarious! 

March 31 - the day we won!!! :) Look at the expression on his face after knocking the ball across the field! Love it! The boys were so excited!

See you in April!! No foolin'!