Tuesday, March 9, 2010

February Top Ten...

As promised... our February Top Ten...

1) Pulling Teeth Poor Bennett has been cursed with my teeth - he's only had one or two visits at the dentist with a clean report :( This visit was no exception - but it was even worse. Bennett needed to have 2 teeth pulled - bottom left and top right. They had abscessed (tons of mommy guilt since he had told me that his gums were hurting and I didn't know that it was due to decay!!) We sought a 2nd opinion and got the same news - the teeth needed to come out.

So, on Feb 1 those 2 teeth were pulled and 2 teeth were filled. Other than not liking the numbness (and creating a big blister from sucking on his lip!!) he did great! He had to eat soft foods for a week, but milk shakes are always good!!

Coincidentally, February was dental month at school!! They talked alot about teeth, apparently... and this is just one of the many pieces of work that came home...

On this side, Bennett has detailed 2 facts that they discussed at school.
They are: Canine teeth rip food and you teeth fall out. (pictures coincide with the facts)
On the other side we have...

(I'll translate) "Fact 3: Dentists may have to take out your teeth. Take it from me it's painful. They may have to give you a silver tooth."
That picture is showing the spacer that he has where the teeth were removed. Please note: It is NOT drawn to scale... much like this picture :)

2) Reading to the kindergarteners Bennett came home on Feb 4 and told us (quite proudly!!) that he was going to read to his kindergarten teacher's class. He carefully picked out a book and practiced with Brad and me. (we heckled him with lots of questions - asking to go to the bathroom, telling him we want to see the pictures :) It was so fun...
He reported that the reading went very well :)

3) Murder Mystery - On Feb 6 we had a Murder Mystery party with book club. The whole thing didn't work out quite right - but we sure had a good time!!

4) Baseball We were so excited to be back on Coach Mark's team this Spring!! Don't worry - there will be many more pics in the future!! :)

5) A look into the future
In 100 years, Bennett assumes he will still be an Auburn fan (blue hat), walk his dog (which we don't EVER do), and be fully decked out with ammo and guns :) Nice.
Oh, and I see from the picture that in 100 years, he will have learned how to tie his shoes...

6) Skiing!! You can read all about our trip here... It was fun!!

7) Pinot Camp We got to go on a double date with Mike and Rebecca to the Pinot Camp at B&A Warehouse. I'm not a red wine drinker, but there was still plenty for me to taste... and I even found a few that I could tolerate! (But Brad didn't love the ones I liked, so we're still on different wine teams :) This was so much fun - can't wait to go again next year!!
8) Giggles and Grace - I worked the sale again this year, but did not Chair the Finance area. It was strange to be there without any 'responsibility', but it was also really nice... The sale was a HUGE success - selling over $105,000 in just over 2 days!! God is great!

9) Spring Into Art This year I co-chaired the Silent Auction at Spring Into Art at Bennett's school. Wow!! It was a ton of work - but we've raised over $14,000 by auction alone!!

While I was working, Brad and Bennett played games and make great art projects. Check this out...
They made a Jedi (with light saber and gun!) from a recycled water bottle!! So great!

10) Women's Conference I didn't get to attend Asbury's women's conference this year because it was the same weekend as Spring Into Art. I did, however, get the opportunity to host a break out session about scrapbooking and the importance of remembering the journey that God has prepared for us. It was a wonderful reminder of how important it is to take a breather - no matter how hectic and crazy life is (and this month was SUPER busy for us!!).

God is so good to me - he's given me so many sweet memories - and I want to be sure that I take the time to appreciate each moment. No matter how small the event seems, it can be a life changer :) I'm trying to absorb it all day by day...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

January top 10

Yes, I do know that it is March... how can it be March already?? I have no idea!!

I've been planning on posting January's 'Top 10' since the beginning of February - but better late, than never, right?? :)

So here they are (in no particular order - well, maybe chronological order :)...

1) New Year's Eve - Ok, well, that is technically December, but close enough! We spent the early part of the evening at the Wargo's - lots of yummy food, wine, and games. We told Bennett that he could stay up as long as he wanted (last year we told him the same thing, and he made it to about 9:04!!) So, we got home at about 9:45 - we thought we could get him to make it to the NY ball drop (11 o'clock our time), but he passed out cold on the couch at 10:57. No kidding. He missed it!! Poor guy :)
This picture is really dark, but it is me, trying to wake him up!

2)Visit with the Christophers. Brad got to be a part of a presentation about his mission trip to India on Sunday, the 3rd, at a church in Murphreesboro. Murphreesboro is too close to Nashville not a make a stop to see Jenn, Joe, and the girls!! We had a great time catching up... We CAN'T wait another 2 years to see each other again!!

3) My 35th Birthday!! It was a great day - Bennett and Brad took me out to eat at Mt. Fuji for dinner and cupcakes at home afterward. I got a nice gift card to get a new camcorder - I'm still waiting for the one that want to come into stock!
No party is complete without noise makers!!

We celebrated with mom, Ang, Gavin, Dad, and Papa on Saturday night. Good times!!
Oh, yeah... cookie cake!! (Dinner was my fave - ham and mac & cheese!!)

4) New Car!! Brad decided that I needed a new car... I told him that I was happy with the van, but he insisted!! So, we spent a few days thinking and I decided on this little beauty... I love it!! I do have to apologize to Honda for not continuing my loyalty. But, Acura is a Honda product, right? And, it IS still silver!! Oh, and Brad is driving the van!!

5) Seeing Ron and Denver - Ron and Denver, of 'Same Kind of Different As Me' came to town and spoke at Samford on January 22. Angie and I gave mom a ticket to go with us - it was a really great time! Their story is fabulous and so inspiring! Have you read their book? You should!!

6) Supper Club - on the 23rd we had the Parsons, the Fountains, and the Johnsons over for supper club. We fixed The Pioneer Woman's chili and White Chicken Chili. So much fun!!

7) Dad's Birthday - Dad's birthday was on January 20, but we didn't get to celebrate until the 29th. We enjoyed a wonderful night of entertainment with Bennett and Pa bantering back and forth. Bennett sold coupon books to everyone at the table - and the fortunes proved to be extra special. Dad's said something along the lines of 'Rarely does such poise and beauty rest in one person as it does in you.' Perfect!! :)

8) Basketball - In one of our more ingenious moves, we decided to offer Bennett $1 for each time he shot the ball in a game. Before this offer, he ran up and down the court like a fiend, but was too shy to get the ball. That $1 made all the difference!!
He's so handsome!!

9) Nighttime Technology Fast - Brad, Bennett, and I did a 21 day technology fast this month. At night, we didn't use the computer or TV for 21 days. Boy - it was so hard!!! The hardest part for me was when Brad was gone and I had no one to talk to once Bennett went to bed... we talk alot around here :) It was a really great experience for our family, though, and I'm so glad that we did it!

10) Kits for Haiti - We made 24 kits for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. It was a small thing, but really helped us talk about what was going on with Bennett. Our prayers are always with them.

Ok, so that is January... February might come tomorrow or Tuesday :)