Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project Life June 22- 30

2011 is half way over... that means I've successfully (for the most part!) taken pictures for 6 months! I've been working on my Project Life book - getting the pictures into place, as well as the little goodies that I've kept along the way. I'm going to LOVE having this!! I'll post pictures as soon as I get it a little more put together :)

Summertime is in full swing here... we're filling our days with time together. Some days are filled with camp activities while others find us lounging in our pajamas until Brad calls and says he's on his way home (for some reason, at that point, we get busy and get dressed :) Bennett is reading a bunch (in an effort to earn more television time); we've cleaning the playroom (which reminds me that I meant to have a picture of that for last week!) and the garage; the laundry is caught up; the house is generally clean. What more can we hope for? :)

Here are the pictures for the last 2 weeks...

Wednesday, June 22 - Nothing like a nice bath after a busy day at baseball camp! 

Thursday, June 23 - Bennett had a blast at baseball camp. He's TOTALLY into baseball and I'm loving it too :) You might even catch us watching a little MLB on TV sometimes :)
Brad and I also enjoyed our morning together getting haircuts (no pics, though).

 Friday, June 24 - We spent the morning cleaning out the playroom and we did GREAT! Bennett even chose a few Star Wars ships to sell at the consignment sale! Wow!
We took this picture of a rainbow on the way home from small group on Friday night - it's always a treat to see a rainbow.

Saturday, June 24 - CARS 2!! We had a great time at the movies with Nana!

Sunday, June 26 - Another rainy day. We've had a lot of rain recently and some of the storms have been really strong. I love a good thunderstorm :)

 Monday, June 27 -Bennett has been loving his baseball lessons with Coach Robby.

 Tuesday, June 28 - Bennett learned how to blow a bubble!! And he did it while waiting to see the pediatrician for a check-up :) His check-up was great too! He is 57 inches tall and 89 pounds. Tall and perfect! He wasn't happy about having to have his finger pricked, but he held it together and didn't cry. So brave...

 Wednesday, June 29 - After a nice water gun fight, the boys did a few push ups :)

 Thursday, June 30 - Bennett had been asking to go to McWane for a couple of weeks, and today was the day! We explored every inch, including the new zip line. 

June 30 - picture #2 - He's in a bubble!!

I hope you've had a great June! I can't believe that July is here! This week I'm feeling very thankful for the time we get to spend together as a family... thankful that we like to be together :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project Life June 1-21

Well, June is here! Today is the first day of summer, although it has been feeling like summer here for 2 months :)  We are making the most of our time out of school... movies, friends, camps, VBS, family. You name it, we are enjoying it!

 June 1- I know, we are a little behind the times, but we have officially discovered redbox DVD rentals. Love it! $1 per night!! Anyway, I thought it was so funny the way that Bennett was letting the curtain rest on his head! He cracks me up :)

 June 2 - Mooma and Poopa came over for dinner and a friendly game of Life. Bennett and I made 'dirt cake'. YUM! Oh, and who says you can't sue your mother-in-law in Life? ;)

June 3 - Bennett's people that he created for Bible School. I am always amazed at his creativity and attention to detail. He's created 4 of these little guys - 2 baseball and 2 basketball players (Florida and Boston teams). He really doesn't want any help when he's creating, except if he needs a little help cutting something out or coloring big sections. Sometimes I'd like to help more than he lets me ;)

June 3 - Picture #2...Bennett's last day of soccer camp. He has loved it! I can't imagine loving anything that makes me sweat that much, but he doesn't mind one bit! His cool spray bottle fan helped cool him off.

June 3 - Picture #3... Bennett in the line to apply for his passport. Can you tell how excited he is??

 June 4 - Water gun fight!!

 June 5 - Our first swim in Gigi and Bubba's pool for 2011. Fun!

June 6 - The first day of VBS!! I was lucky to find Bennett when he was down in the craft area :) He told everyone 'Don't worry. That's just my mom. She takes pictures. All. The. Time.' Ha!

June 6 - Pic #2...Bennett tried a beat biscuit that I ordered for bookclub. He had them before when he was a baby, but he didn't remember. He likes them!! Must be that Rader blood running strong! :)

 June 6 - Pic #3... this text to Brad (sent by Bennett) cracked me up. 

 June 7 - Jesus makes a difference everyday!

 June 7 pic #2... Opening aseembly at VBS. Organized chaos. Loved by all ;)

 June 8 - F-O-R-G-I-V-E-N beads for crafts. 

 June 8 pic #2 See Bennett's people up on the board? The kids brought in over $1700 for Sozo. Awesome!!

 June 9 - The last day of VBS... this box represents all of the crafts from the week. I loved every minute!

 June 10 - I love the necklace Bennett made. It is hanging in my car. I'm glad to remember that I'm forgiven...

 June 11 - We're babysitting!!! Cousin love...

June 12 - Sadie. She doesn't get much blog time. She's often defiant and really hard to photograph :) She got groomed a couple of weeks ago and looks so pretty.

June 13 - Cousins again. Bennett can't wait until Evie starts playing with him! She sure does like looking at him :)

 June 14 - These blocks have seen a lot of play time... They were mine when I was little and now that have transitioned into Star Wars fort makers...

 June 15 - Happy Birthday Poopa! After a wonderful dinner, the boys enjoyed a quick frisbee game outside.

 June 16 - We went to the $1 movie (How to Train Your Dragon). Bennett said 'Please don't take another picture' so this one will have to do. While snuggling at the movie, I realized why I love seeing movies with my boy so much. It's just me and him. No computers. No phones. Just time side by side. Love it.

 June 17 - I can't get the 'June 17' overlay to work on this pic! While Brad was at work, Bennett and I organized his dresser for him. Bennett prepared the 'road signs' for him. Again, his creativity rocks!

 June 17- pic #2... Bennett made this great little lego creation to display his new figures. one quadrant for each person.

June 19 - Happy Father's Day!!

 June 19 - I got to ride in Dad's new car... niiiccceeee :)

 June 20 - Dualing computers. ipad vs. macbook. 

June 21 - While Bennett is at camp, I picked up treats for Sunday School Bible verse learners. I hope they all learn their verse: 'Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we can not see.' Hebrews 11:1. 
I know it :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project Life May 16-31

The last 2 weeks of May were packed with so many fun activities!! Honestly, it was hard to pick just one picture for some of these days :)

 May 16 - Bennett is counting his funds for Disney World :)

 May 17 - There is quite a story in getting this wonderfully sweet friend over to our house to play... it involved their teacher and a translator so that the parents could communicate. They had the BEST time. I wonder what they were talking about out there on the wall :)

 May 18 - Talking zoo! Bennett was a tazmanian devil - complete with homemade costume designed by Bennett (and sewn by Nana :) His speech was fabulous - wanna hear it? 

 May 19 - We're in Disney! This trip will merit it's own post, but here's a picture from Thursday at Magic Kingdom. One of my favorite memories of this night is when Bennett gave his Winnie to Pooh trading pin to Pooh. Just because he wanted Pooh to have it. He is seriously a great kid :)

 May 20 - The big day. Star Wars Weekend opening day. Here are the boys on our way into the newly redesigned Star Tours ride. It was awesome. As was the whole day.

 May 21- Bennett chose to go to EPCOT on Saturday. He loved meeting Chip and Dale.
He really wanted to go back to the hotel and swim :)

 May 22 - We headed back home on Sunday afternoon, but we spent the morning at Downtown Disney. Believe it or not, we didn't spend a dime in the lego store... we already have everything :)

 May 23 - Bennett completed his own Disney scrapbook for show and tell. His sweet teacher allowed him to share his trip with the class on Wednesday. This was a very proud moment for this memory-keeping mom!

 May 24 - I completed the book for Bennett's teacher. Each student filled out a right-hand page with information about 2nd grade and I took a picture of each student for the left hand side. This is Bennett's section... look at that cursive writing :)

 May 25 - Class party day!! We celebrated with a Fiesta!! Here is Bennett with his wonderful teacher... we're really going to miss her!

 May 26 - The last day of 2nd grade. Does he look a little excited? Also, please note all of those key chains on his backpack. Key chains are his 'thing' I think.

 May 27 - On our way to visit the Wargos! Brad was able to get done with work around noon, so we got an earlier start than we thought. Traffic around ATL wasn't kind, but we made it there before our bedtime...

 May 28 - S and Bennett. This picture is priceless. Every parent had told the kids 'no' to slushies... the next time we turned around, Brad was handing out money and the kids were thrilled! Look at those colorful tongues :) We had a good time at the music in the park - complete with a gourmet meal prepared by the guys.

 May 29 - Another great meal on Sunday night - and a little good wine as well :) This is taken with my phone, so the quality is a little lacking.

 May 30 - On the way home we made a detour to the Dwarf House - the original Chick-fil-a restaurant!! Bennett got the royal treatment, complete with a behind-the-scenes tour by Ross. It was a wonderful end to a great weekend. What a way to start our summer!

May 31 - Another cell phone pic :) We spent the afternoon with Nana and Evie and played Clue. Nana won both times... and was the murderer both times! Who me?? :)

Happy Summer!!