Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Daily... week 2

Welcome back!! I'm still taking pictures - and here they are! I should note here that I'm taking pics with our little point-and-shoot camera... the low-light situations are a little tricky :)

December 8th - we made our favorite chocolate covered pretzels. Bennett's favorite part? smashing the candy canes of course!! He dipped a few too.

December 9th -Nana took Bennett to cub scouts

and I had friends over for dinner. We had beef and chicken chili. Yum and fun!

December 10th - Our favorite package came in the mail today! As soon as December rolls around, we start hoping that Aunt Cork will send us the goodies from Cherry Republic...

Cherry turtles in the morning? Oh yeah...

We also had our Sunday School party - always a fun night :)

The 10th was the busiest Sauturday that we've had in a long time. Bennett had his first basketball game. He played great! As we walked out, I was congratulating him on his 2 attempts at shooting. He said 'What was the deal from last year? $1 per time I shoot? You owe me $2!' I tried to say that we didn't make that agreement again this year, but then again, I was so happy that he tried, I caved ;)

After the game, the boys went to start on the pinewood derby car. When I got home from a little shopping, the were doing a few details with the dremmel.

While Brad went to do some mission work at the dental clinic with the SS guys, Bennett and I headed to the Angel Workshop at church. Look at these cute crafts!! I'm hoping that he decided to give me one of these ;)

On the 12th, it snowed while we were in church! You can't see it in this picture, but trust me, there were flurries floating around.  I can't remember a time that it has snowed this early! Fun!

After lunch and dropping off our donations for a little boy that we adopted, we made sugar cookies!  

 Bennett made some awesome cookies for Santa!

On the 13th Bennett decided to give Poodle a new note with some Snoopy bands. He's the most generous boy!

On the 14th, Angie and I co-hosted the Sunday School Ladies' Party. It was great! Probably the highlight of the season! 

On the 15th I went to school and helped with the 'Christmas Around the World' feast. We had chips and salsa from Mexico, banket and rusk from the Netherlands, olives from Greece, dates from Egypt, fortune cookies from China, cinnamon rolls from Sweden, cakes from France (that looked like the yule log), and some sweet rice from South Africa. Aunt Cork sent us a special delivery of some banket from Michigan and the kids really liked it! Thanks again Aunt Cork!!

Bennett also had his Christmas performance at church. He did a great job, despite some mix-up with the streamers which almost caused a melt down. I saw him getting upset and knew exactly what was going on. Poor little guy. He pulled it together, though, and made the best of it. Love him! (and he even wore the shirt that I picked out without too much fuss!)

 This whole month, I've been including little notes in his lunch box...

We did our little candy cane treats for his class again this year :)

Bennett and his teacher. She is the best!! The party today was so much fun - crafts, food, games! Yippee!! (and she is a saint!) :)  Look at his cool pose... when did he grow up again??

 A little after school reading - in a comfortable position, of course!

We are SO looking forward to school getting out tomorrow!! Bring on the Christmas break! I hope that your December has been as good as ours!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Daily time again!!

Yippee!! It's December! Can you believe it? Wow. 

I'm picking up my camera again this month to document what we do each day during the month of December. What are you up to this month?

I've just realized that these 2 November photos are off by 1 day... please forgive me! This photo is from Monday, November 29. Bennett won a week on the News at school at the Auction this fall. He got to be the 'red' anchor, the 'blue' anchor, and the camera man throughout the week. This Monday, as we were driving up to the school, he told me that because of the News "everybody knows me" :)

Ok, so this was on November 30! Yes, we went to see Santa BEFORE December. There's nothing wrong with that. I promise! Bennett presented his letter, complete with drawings of each item. This year he is asking for a Star Wars Legacy of Boba Fett set, a Republic Command Ship, and some Star Wars silly bands. He HAS been a mighty good boy this year! We decided to keep that letter and get it to Santa another day ;) 
I got the date on this one right :)  I'm just learning to use these overlay brushes - it's taking a little getting used to (but don't they look great!)

 December 1 was Holiday Shop at school!! Nana and I went to help the kids shop (I was able to go after the Scholastic people canceled my volunteer shift) and then wrap their presents. Bennett did a GREAT job picking out gifts for everyone in our family. Can't wait to see what I'm getting! 

On the 2nd Bennett wrote a letter to Poodle (our elf who is hanging out there in the candle holder). He asked him to bring Santa those cookies. Poodle wrote a very nice letter back. Apparently, Santa loved the cookies. That letter from Santa will be in my scrapbook! 

 Also on the 2nd, Bennett wrote a wonderful report on bicycle safety. This comes from the bad fall that he had on Sunday while riding - a fall that was so bad that his new helmet was cracked! We are thankful for that helmet!

 Oh, December 3rd... so wonderful! I got to praise God at the Deeper Still Conference! What is better than praise music, preaching from Kay, Priscilla, and Beth, and wonderful friends? Well, those Christmas tree cakes made it good too ;)

 While I was at the conference, Bennett was at the Art Workshop at church. He's really quite an artist!! I was specific about not drawing Star Wars on his art, but I should have added in team logos ;)  Those are presents, though, so what was ok! 


 December 5th was the last meeting of our Bible Study on Revelation. I was very blessed to be able to co-lead this study with Angie and to be able to learn so much with these friends. God is good.

 More goodies for Santa on the 6th... This time Bennett left kool-aid, cups of water for Santa and for Poodle, 4 double stuft oreos, his letter to Santa and a letter to Poodle. Once again, Poodle left a wonderful note. We have a wonderful elf!

December 7 - Bookclub at my house! Our book was 'Redbird Christmas' by Fannie Flagg. The menu: chicken and wild rice casserole, greenbeans, Papa's apples, rolls, and white chocolate bread pudding. Our photographer was Bennett. Thanks buddy!

I'll be back next week with tons more fun :)
Merry Christmas!!